Orchestral Tools' Duplex Saxophones - playback template?

Hi, has anyone tried - and succeeded - in using Orchestral Tools’ Duplex Saxophones as a plugin with Dorico 3.5? I have found out it is VST2, so does not get automatically pulled in by Dorico. I’m keen to know how people have used the “Red” and “Blue” saxophone sounds - I am guessing they are treated as separate instruments, so to switch playback sound one switches instrument in the score? any advice, help, sharing a playback template would be much appreciated.

Yeah, I made some Expression Maps a couple of months ago and posted them in this thread.

Be sure to read the notes I posted in that thread too as there are a few frustrating things about this library, including that they don’t extend to Bb as a default. I added some panning on CC10 that you may want to change, or just make it flat and do it in the Dorico mixer. They still sound sort of like kazoos to me so I added some EQ in the samples. You may need to experiment with that too.