Orchestration book list on HSO installation DVD

I found a list of books in the PDF document of HALion Symponic Orchestra instalation DVD. I’d like to hear some brief reviews, please, if any of the good forum visitors care to spare me a minute and if you have read any of the books. Warnings as well as praise for whatever book you happen to recognize. Thanks in advance!

  • The Guide To MIDI Orchestration by Paul Gilreath, Music Works Atlanta 2004, ISBN 0-9646705-3-4
  • Instrumentation and Orchestration by Alfred Blatter, Schirmer Thomson Learning 1997, ISBN 0-534-25187-0
  • The Study of Orchestration by Samuel Adler, W.W. Norton & Company 2002, ISBN 0-393-97572-X
  • Orchestration by Cecil Forsyth, Dover Publications 1982, ISBN 0-486-24383-4
  • Principles of Orchestration by Nikolay Rimsky-Korsakov, Dover Publications, ISBN 486-21266-1


If anyone have better books or other books on the subject feel free to contribute! :sunglasses:

This one I can definitely recommend, however the one I have is ISBN 978-0-240-81413-1 from Focal Press (4th edition 2010). This is more likely to be of use to those who haven’t formally studied music and who want to know specifically how to make their computer noodlings sound like actual instruments. The others are standard works that should be in any college library, the Rimsky-Korsakov is over 100 years old as he literally “wrote the book on it”.

Another one you might want to look at is “Acoustic and MIDI Orchestration for the Contemporary Composer: A Practical Guide to Writing and Sequencing for the Studio Orchestra” by Andrea Pejrolo, however I haven’t read that one.

NIce! Yeah, even I have heared about Principles of Orchestration but if the others are also standard works you can’t go wrong checking them out! Thanks!!! :sunglasses: