Order of plugins with Direct Offline Processing changes if I select one or more event

Doing some editing experiment with Offline Processing.

Is the following behavior a bug or is this intended?

I selected multiple vocal events (same channel format, which is stereo).
I applied FIRST some mouth De-Click with RX9, and SECOND De-Plosive.
Doing this with multiple even selected, the second process appears on top instead of the bottom.

After applying these two processes, if I bring up the Direct Off Line Process window I see that the order is as intended if I select a single event. When I bring up that window with multiple event selected, the order seems the opposite of what I intended, at least visually.

Is this a bug?

Here is what appears (as I intended) when I select a single event:

Here is what appears

when I select multiple events:

I have not seen this myself but Iā€™m following the thread and will do a test tomorrow.

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Thanks liljefelt!