Order of track list in "Export Audio Mixdown"


Is there a way to refresh the track list in the “Export Audio Mixdown” window so it relects the order of tracks in arrange window? If I move tracks around in the arrange window when I’m working with a project, the list in “Export Audio Mixdown” is the same as when I opened the project.


The only one way is to close and reopen the window.

It’s an known issue. Of course we (all) expect that the track reordering is automatically reflected in the Export Audio Mixdown window.

Thanks Martin, althou there is no difference when I close and reopen the EAM window, as you can see in my attached file. Do you mean another window?
track list.JPG


No, I mean this window. Interesting, this should work… Did you do just:

  • Add 6 Audio tracks.
  • Open Export Audio Mixdown window.
  • Move the Audio 06 track above Audio 05 track in the Project window (by mouse).
    => The tracks are not reordered.
  • Close the Export Audio Mixdown window.
  • Reopen the Export Audio Mixdown window.

=> The tracks are not reordered.

Or did you do something different?

I did exactly what you said (plus I switched Track 01 and 02). I closed and reopened the Export window several times, with no change.

anyone solved this problem?