Organ 3-stave spacing

I’m wondering if there’s a convenient way to set the minimum spacing of the pedal stave so it’s a little closer to the braced manual staves? At the moment all gaps between the staves change equally.

I can create a new 2-stave part + a seperate bass part and copy everything over, but there are a fair number of flows!


I’m afraid there’s currently no good way to do this; Dorico will use the Braced staff to braced staff gap for all three staves in the organ. I agree that it would be useful to be able to specify this gap automatically to a different value, and hopefully we’ll find a way to do that in future.


Thanks Daniel - it was fairly quick to create the new players and copy everything over. It certainly helps with fitting things on a page then the spacing between manuals and pedal can be reduced a little!