Organ heel/toe – scale symbol

I tried to locate Pedal Heel and Toe in the symbols list to scale them, but could not find them.

Are they called something else?

As they’re Playing Techniques they don’t need to be available to edit in the Music Symbols Editor.
Find them in Library > Playing Techniques… and change the horizontal and vertical scale of the glyphs in there.

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Thank you!

Any idea how to solve this passage?


I could not find any function to connect 2 marks for different notes.

There’s no functionality for Playing Techniques to go inside slurs, but effectively these are slurs. I think I’d just use regular slurs, but drag their start and end positions manually. Within reason it shouldn’t really matter what happens with the casting off or note spacing - the starts and ends of the slurs will remain glued to just above the heel/toe marks.

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Thanks for your input. Yes, it looks like a good solution.

I’m not sure the “slurs” are necessary anyway. It actually adds a layer of confusion because am I supposed to try and play toe-toe legato for just those two notes? No… it’s just to show that the same part of the foot takes two consecutive notes. But the ^^ already shows that… furthermore, connecting the symbols like this is typically reserved for instances where you change and do a substitution (^\u) on a sustained pitch. Lastly, pedaling is personal like fingering. Unless you have a really good reason (composer requires a specific articulation only achievable one way) that’s clutter that someone will either ignore or have to cross out and write over to suit their own playing style.

Personally, I’d just omit them.


To get pedantic here for a moment, this is what I mean.

These two alternate pedalings would also work, and these came to mind without much effort. So we are already at three possible ways to do it.

If I was a performer using this score, I’d be irked if I had to ignore what was there in favor of my own pedalings (a bit like a harpist, perhaps).