Organ stops, xp maps, & playback

I created some custom techniques for selecting stops on an organ VST. They work, except that when playback goes past one of them a second time, it toggles it off again. Given that the VST doesn’t have a reset or an all off option, is there a way of initialising in the Init technique, or some other way of coping with this?

You can’t trigger the Init. switch via a playback technique, I’m afraid. I guess you will need to create an explicit “reset” switch that resets all of the values that you are otherwise using? Or perhaps you could use add-on switches for some or all of the stops, if you’ve not tried that?

Thanks Daniel. They’re already set up as add-ons. Without a reset switch in the VST, I think it would require if-then-else logic implemented to solve this from Dorico’s end – which I wouldn’t expect to see happening.

Really I was wondering whether other users had experienced the issue and come up with workarounds. Meantime, I’ll ask the VST mfr. to add an all-off switch (there’s a slot available, I think).