Organization of .bak and .csh files?

Hey everyone,

I’m pretty new to Cubase 7 for OSX. Loving it so far.

One question, though: Is there a way to set Cubase to automatically put .bak files into a “Backups” folder, and .csh files into a “Crashed” folder? Ideally, I’d like to see only folders and project files in my session folder. Having all these other files really gets messy when I’m dealing with 10-20 drafts of a project.

Thanks all.


No! Steinberg have always put these files in the top level project folder, and it’s a pita for keeping tidy. I’d defo support a feature request to move these to sub-folders. And also at the same time keep all current Steinberg sub-folders (e.g. Track Pictures) in a single sub-folder to keep my project folder super-tidy!

BTW, .csh files are Cache files (not crashed files). They can be deleted because they’ll be regenerated when you open the project (I assume they speed up project opening).

I personally create a folder called Backups and move .bak and .csh files into there. I also incrementally name every project when I save it, so I don’t over-write any project. Then I move old versions into the Backup folder too.

There’s a chap who’s written a tool to tidy you project folder IIRC… You may find it at it his website,


Excellent, thanks so much!

It seems like such a simple and positive feature (adopted by pretty much all other DAW’s, btw).

Steinberg, please consider this an official feature request.

I’ve put a post into the v7.5 Wishlist thread,

But feel free to post a specific request thread.