Organization of project logic editor folders

Is there a rule to follow regarding the project logic editor folders?
Can we have several subfolders?
My PLEs which concern the direct keys of my Sherlock Plugin are therefore numbered and classified in the 14bitMIDI folder


All others are either in other folders or directly in Prject Logical Editor

there are therefore several folders and sub-folders
I have big slowdowns when I want to modify or add PLEs, which hasn’t happened since Cubase 12 Pro.
Is there a limit to the number of PLEs?

However, I should point out that I now have slowdowns in Cubase 12 even if they are less pronounced.

I also specify that this represents between the PLEs of Cubase that of 14bitMIDI and those that I created 2665 files and 42 folders
Maybe there is a limit that should not be exceeded?


You can use common sub-folders system.

What sub-folders System?

I just realized that my 14bitMIDI Plugin folder was copied twice because it is also in the Earlier Presets folder

which corresponds to the previous version installed
Since I have Cubase 12 and 13 installed
can I delete this folder and can it be the source of the slowdowns?

It seems that the problem is solved I moved the earlier preset folder which included my second 14bitMIDI folder
and Cubase seems much more responsive both in terms of PLEs and startup