Organizing what folders plugins and instruments go into?

I finally made the leap to Cubase 9 Pro after having Cubase 5 for a loooong time. I think I got 9 to recognize all my instruments and plugins, but there’s an issue. How do I get my Ozone plugin to show up in the mastering folder? Currently I have to navigate to Cubase 5 -> VSTPlugin s-> Other -> iZotope Ozone 4, and I don’t see anyplace in Cubase to click and drags plugins in and out of the folder hierarchies.
Same thing with the VST Instruments: navigating to play_VST (EastWest Goliath) and ezdrummer somehow is buried in the Cubase 5 -> VSTPlugins -> Other path.
Where do I go to affect where these show up in Cubase?

You want to use the Plugin Manager under Devices to create a Collection that is organized the way you prefer. You can create multiple Collections for different situations. Also you can put the same plug-in in multiple Folders in a collection (e.g. in both a folder named Mastering and another named Compressors).

ah, I see, that’s helpful, thanks. How would I create them for different situations? As in, when I create an Instrument track, use my Virtual Instrument collection?

There is a button in the Plug-in Manager to create a new Collection. However you can only use 1 Collection at a time. So you can’t use one Collection on Track A and a different one on Track B. But you can switch between them whenever you want.

Personally I only have two Collections. One is the default that Cubase initially creates. If I recall correctly it has folders for different categories (e.g. Reverb, Dynamics…) where Steinberg’s plug-in are placed plus folders for each manufacturer which aren’t sorted by category.

Then I have a Collection arranged how I want. This has every plug-in sorted into category folders. Plus at the top, not in any folder, I have the 15 or 20 plug-ins I use the most duplicated.

As an example, someone might want to create one Collection for tracking and a different one for mastering where their go-to tools for each task are easiest to find.