Ornamentation in Guitar notation and tab player

I am loving the new tab in Dorico, particularly the way left and right hand fingering are applied - great work by those concerned.

I am attempting reproduce the ornamentation found in example C, where ornamentation is used in the notation to indicate, in my case, a simple trill. The tab shows the actual fingering to be played. I also wish to be able to hear the affect on playback.

Example A shown my attempt usind a trill (tr). I can hear the affect but the tab does not show the fingering/strings required.
Example B, by applying a triplet, plays as required whilst also displayed in the tab. This is OK but with many trills/mordents etc., throughout the piece the notation gets quite messy.

So far I’ve found that only the trill (tr) plays the affect , while other ornamentation, mordent, short trill, tremblment etc. do not play. No ornamentation appears to make the changes I’d like in the tab section.

I know I could reproduce Example C by adding an unconnected tab player, but it would be nice to apply this to the notation and tab player which otherwise is so beautifully easy to use. Is it possible to apply a trill (tr) to the notation and force the tab to show the fingering/strings?

Welcome to the forum, rick741. I’m afraid there’s no way to do that at the moment, but it’s a nice idea for the future.