Ornaments not playing just the Trill!?

Can someone explain to me. Why Dorico is not playing any Ornaments except the Trills?. Like seriously it’s so annoying i want to write my music and i Need Ornaments. I’m a classical composer who just started writing his first Opus and can’t even have Ornaments. This is a problem a big one. If Dorico not gonna fix this issue I’m gonna go to a other program. I’ve been commissioned to write one of my works and i don’t have time to wait months or weeks. Pls Dorico fix this issue or Someone has a solution? Pls help

Emile J. Tromp

Welcome to the forum, Emile.

Why? Because everything in software development takes time, Dorico has a small development team, and this particular thing hasn’t yet reached the top of the priority list.

It has been stated in the past couple of hours that a new version of Dorico isn’t expected in the next 30 days, so I think I can say relatively safely that you are going to be waiting months (or perhaps years) for an official solution. Every program has its strengths and weaknesses, and while playback of ornaments is currently one of Dorico’s weaknesses it’s quite likely that if you go elsewhere you’ll find other weaknesses that are Dorico’s strengths: great engraving out of the box, perhaps, or intelligent note grouping, perhaps, or an interface that looks and reacts like as though it was conceived this century, perhaps :wink:

If you’re really desperate you could add a stave to a player, if it’s a solo player, or add a divisi to your player, if it’s a section player, then manually write out the ornament in that extra stave (or division), then delete the stave again. You should find that Dorico still plays back that music even though it’s not shown on the page.

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Emile. Erm? Perhaps it is because there is not a single standard interpretation of how those ornaments should be played back?

That said, Dorico does a pretty good job of playing back grace notes and appoggiaturas. Perhaps you should just write out your ornaments as you would like them played? After all that seems to have been the “classical” practice since about 1850! (Find me a ‘turn’ in Mahler or anything other than grace notes and trills in Stravinsky)