Ornaments Playback

I see other people have asked about playback of Baroque ornaments several times over the last three or four years. Is there an update when this might be available?

It is not extremely critical, but it would be very handy, particularly for keyboard pieces. I doubt I will need a double cadence with upper prefix and turn (I’d have to look that one up! :slight_smile: ) but I would use short trills. mordents, turns and inverted turns. Maybe Dorico could start by adding the 4-5 most commonly used ornaments. Thanks!

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No idea when it might appear. However, this is where adding a staff above, notating the ornament on it then removing(!) that staff, can be very effective. Suppress playback on the original staff.


Interesting area of research for me. Thanks

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Thanks for the post, I’m missing it too and I hope it will be implemented soon.

I’m currently testing D5Pro and have doubts left whether I should buy the D5Pro or not, since I like to use the ornaments, I would also like to be able to hear them in playback for demo purposes, for example in trill studies for flute…

The detour should be unnecessary.