OS for Cubase PRO 10 Edu

Hi guys,
A couple of years ago i bought Cubase Pro 10 education version. Due to some personal issues i never had the chance to install and activate my product, so the box is intact as it was when i bought it. Now, the bad days seem to be over, so i wanna get back on track (instrument or midi)! So, my plan is getting a new computer (desktop or laptop, windows or mac, don’t know yet) and these are my questions:

  1. Is the product i had bought (Cubase PRO 10 EE) valid both for windows and mac, i.e. could i install it on a windows pc as well as on a mac? Or maybe i had chosen a windows version and i cannot install it on a mac? I do not even remember what i had done and if this is a valid question. Please excuse my ignorance!
  2. (In case there is no limitation, as far as question number one is concerned) Using the USB e-Licenser of my box, could i use the Cubase both on a Mac and a Pc, not at the same time of course, or i can use it on one computer and one OS only?
    Thank you for your time!



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Thank you very much for your prompt response, Steve!