OS X Cubase 6 Trail loosing audio device

I am currently working with the Cubase 6 Trail on OS X (10.6.7). Ever since installing Cubase 6 I am having a problem with my USB audio device (Lexicon I-Onix U42S) just disappearing. One minute it is working then the next it is not seen by OS X. I try unplugging it and plugging it back in and nothing. If I go into System Preferences it is no longer listed as an audio device. Only a cold restart (shutdown then power up) fixes it. Also when this happens the computer will normally freeze during boot if I have the I-Onix plugged in and powered on (never makes it to the Apple logo and spinning progress bar). I tried installing the USB-2 audio device fix but it did not fix the problem. The weird part is, while in Cubase there is no issue this only happens when I am not using Cubase 6.

Basic system spec

Mac Pro 2.1 2.66 GHz
8GB Ram
OS X 10.6.7
Lexicon I-Onix U42S
using eLicenser USB key

Open to any suggestions.


Figured I would post my findings encase anyone else runs into this problem.

I reverted to an older driver for the I-Onix U42S and everything started working as it should. This is odd as I never had an issue with the new driver until installing Cubase 6. So when using the U42S 2.08 driver = bad times. Using 2.0 driver = good times.

I am going to give it a couple more days and if all is good then I will be getting the full version of Cubase 6.