OS X Demo issues...

Hey guys, long time Cubase user. Last version I own is v5. I was pretty excited about the new UI changes in 9, but finding it a bit hard to get rolling with it on a MacBook Air 11".

First off, I can’t find a key command or menu item to run Cubase in “full screen”. Full screen apps are essential for small screens like the MBA 11". Where’s the option? I’ve gotta be missing it.

My next question has to do with the Piano Roll editor. I remember all they key commands for switching between tools, but I can’t seem to figure out how to right-click with pencil to quickly delete items. Any ideas on customizing Cubase’s editor? I’m coming from FL Studio where the piano roll editor there is really quick to work with. You simply click/right click to add and remove notes. I’m sure there’s a preference or something in Cubase where I can change this?


Hi and welcome,

Cubase doesn’t support Apple full-screen.

There is no right-click to delete the note. The fastest way (for me) is to use Backspace key.