OS X doesn't sleep while Dorico is running

While Dorico is running, my system won’t go to sleep by itself. If I put the computer to sleep, this does work until the system wakes for checks, updates, backups, etc. After this, the system stays awake. I have to resort to quitting Dorico. Is this just on my setup or has anyone else noticed this?

Well I can’t sleep the computer while Sibelius is running so I’m not about to even bother with Dorico.

No, as it was explained in another thread by Ben, the Cubase Audio engine forces the computer to stay awake. As with working with sound recording software, you wouldn’t want you system falling asleep mid recording. So the audio engine prevents the computer from sleeping.

I am not sure if they are trying to come up with a solution or not, but a search should show the other thread, where someone far more an expert than I, Ben, talks about it.


That’s interesting and informative. I wonder if this kind of behaviour is appropriate for a program like Dorico. We should at least have the option to turn it off. BTW, I’ve noticed that not even my monitors turn off while Dorico is running. This goes a bit far, IMHO.

In one of the other threads, Daniel, stated that they are working on a way that if Dorico is NOT the foreground application, that the audio engine would release the hold on the sleep schedule, and everything would work as normal. A little over my head, but it sounds like a fix should be coming at some point.


This is implemented as an option in the next update. You would need to switch away from Dorico for it have an effect. However, this option is really intended for the case where you need to share the audio device between two applications and you don’t have multi-client ASIO drivers.

Bear in mind that choosing that option has other side effects, since the audio engine is itself a separate process, so if you’re not playing back then sound will stop when you switch away.

Would this multiclient driver work? PC Windows ASIO multiclient driver by Charlie Steinberg - Steinberg Lounge - Steinberg Forums

Does the UR22 MK2 provide a multiclient driver? I’m toying with the idea of buying it anyway…


Yes, to the best of my knowledge, the UR-22’s driver is multi-client. (I confess I’ve only used it on OS X, rather than on Windows.)