OSC to create Generic Remote with Midas M32


I have a Midas M32 in my studio, connected to Cubase 8.5.

I love it, but the current control surface setup is limited to 8 faders per layer.

There are folks expanding this control surface capability dramatically with Reaper, using an OSC bridge with basically a Generic template, which allows control of all the faders, as here with his X32/M32 Reaper 2-way communication control template:

I tried the Reaper template last night, and it does exactly what it says. Makes me wonder if anyone here has done something similar with Cubase.

I would love to implement something like this with Cubase 8,5 Pro.

Tommy Swindle

Hi and welcome,

I’m confused a bit. You own Midas M32, but the link you send is about Behringer X32. I’m sorry, I don’t know the relation between these two products.Is the Behringer X32 a copy of the Midas M32?

Does Midas also support OSC protocol?

The operating software on the Midas is functionally the same as on the X32. The hardware is not the same; i.e., preamps, faders, etc.

I am not an expert with OSC, but from what I understand, there is an OSC bridge that is required between the DAW (cubase, reaper, etc) and the hardware controller (M32/X32, etc)

In the Reaper demo I tried, I installed the X32 / Reaper 2-way communication control here:
and then installed the SWS Reaper plugin extension here:
Here’s a YouTube video:

Once that is installed and configured, it allows the M32/X32 to communicate with Reaper. I was able to control all 32 faders right away, where with the standard Mackie control surface setup in Cubase, you can only control 8 faders at a time, using banks to page through to other channels.

From what I understand it sounds very similar to Touch OSC, but I don’t know yet if Touch OSC works with the M32/X32.

I was hoping someone here had experience in setting it up.

I also wanted to reiterate that I’m a long-time Cubase user (since around 1995 or so). I would prefer to keep using it, along with the M32, but I’d like to utilize all the faders instead of just 8 at a time.

Tommy Swindle


Cubase doesn’t support OSC. This is the reason, why do you need any kind of OSC Bridge to translate the OSC data to the MIDI data for Cubase.

Then I expect the X32 application translated these MIDI Commands to Mackie Control protocol, and emulate multiple Mackie devices (MCU + MCEs). This is my expectation.

You are correct. An OSC bridge is required.

My question is:
Has anyone used an OSC bridge with Cubase?
If so, what was it?
I’m not looking for a wifi version. I want to run it on my studio pc, which is connected to my M32 via USB.

Hi, sorry for diggin up this post… Have you ever figured out how to use all faders as Cubase Remote Control, as you were asking for?
It’d really be a killer feature…


I just noticed your post.

Sorry, no. I never got a response. I still use the 8 Faders-At-A-Time thing. When you select Remote on the M32/X32, you’re stuck with that as far as I know.

I agree, it would be a killer feature to be able to use all the faders when in Remote mode.

It’s a shame too, because you CAN do it with reaper and the M32/X32.

I’ve tinkered with OSC a bit through Bidule running as a VST in CuBase out of curiosity. For me it’s not very pragmatic to really dive in and create anything useful for it given I can do all the same things via MIDI or direct VST lanes (and I don’t have any OSC based controllers beyond some simple Android Apps), but it does provide OSC client and server support, and ways to get the messages linked to something useful.

The free demo of Bidule only works in stand alone, or ReWire mode but that should allow a platform to experiment with your controller, and you could convert MIDI events sent to Bidule from CuBase into OSC and vice verse. The registered version of Bidule also runs as VST or VSTi, which adds the benefit of having direct control to anything hosted in the Bidule plugin instance directly via CuBase VST lanes. Note, this doesn’t help you much with automating CuBase itself via OSC unless you convert things into MIDI events inside Bidule, and pipe it through a CuBase generic remote device, but you can quickly/easily work with anything hosted in Bidule instances over OSC (of which one can build very interesting and elaborate setups).

It’s also possible to run Discrete Processing instances of Bidule that are not connected via Rewire, and use virtual MIDI or network rtpMIDI ports to pipe events converted from OSC into custom MIDI events for further processing via CuBase generic remote devices and/or quick controls. I.E. Build a conversion bridge from OSC into whatever you need to automate most any DAW.

Bidule is very object oriented, which is great for many things, and a bit of a pain for others. The good news on this front is if you’d rather design bidules with code than stringing together objects and virtual cables in the UI, you can ask for a dev kit to compile your own Bidules and there’s a very high chance they will GIVE you the kit.

Has anyone figured out how to control all 32 channels at once yet?