Ossia for organ

How do I create an ossia for the LH?

Using the Ossia function add the stave below the Pedal.
Adding an extra stave is possible but it will not be smaller in size or have dotted barlines.


If clicking on the second stave and adding an ossia below places it below the pedal, then you would need to fake the organ part by using two different instruments (one for the manuals, and another, renamed, for the pedals). Once this is done, you could add the proper ossia below the two stave instrument. And you need to right click on a stave to change its scaling. And there are engraving options for how ossias are connected.


Thanks, Yes, this worked fine, adding a 2-manual organ and “bass” as a pedal.
It seems like a 3-man organ is not well supported as an instrument, with problematic ossia and pedal label. I hope this is fixed in the next version. The dynamic placement is also problematic for a 3-man organ as it puts LH dynamics in the middle of LH and pedal, which is not correct.

It is not an easy problem to solve though as adding additional manual staves introduces even more complex situations for dynamics. I think a “middle/grand staff”, “over”, “under” property could be very useful for dynamics as well as “default position” (like in Sibelius).

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