OSX Catalina and the Apple 'Notarization' program

Hi …

We have been advised (usually reliable source) of a change that will come with Catalina. Apparently, all software that is not being sold directly via iTunes will be required to undergo a process called ‘notarization’ … or it won’t continue continue to work under Catalina. It’s believed Apple has decided to ‘relax’ the new restriction for developers until January 2020.

My main machine runs Windoze 10 so it’s not such an issue for me personally. And, the workaround is obvious of course … don’t '‘update’ to Catalina.

But if this post-Catalina landscape turns out to look like this … where are we with WL and plugins on OSX Catalina.


My thought: Apple is really trying hard to drive professional customers away and has been for a long time.
Maybe Catalina will be more successful in that regard.

Yeah. I can’t imagine having to develop apps for Apple now. Even as a user it’s getting annoying, you have to give permission to every little thing now.

It’s like yes, Apple, I would like to use my computer to do things other than surf the internet, check email, and look at photos. Deal with it.

They will also be bringing out a “new” Mac Pro. It will be interesting to see how this unfolds. The last Mac Pro was a disaster for professional users (no internal PCI slots). The new Mac Pro is suppose to start at about $6,000. Apple seems to be trying to upset as many pro users as it can. I guess they are really not interested in that segment of the market place anymore.

Yes. I had the old Mac Pro silver tower, but skipped the trash can Mac Pro in favor of a maxed out iMac and then an iMac Pro which I’m currently using. Lack of PCI slot aren’t a big deal when you have the Sonnet Echo Express that works great.

I do think the new Mac Pro will be a winner for audio people but it’s going to be $$$$. So we’ll see how many people actually buy it.