OSX Cubase project path/change HD

Hello Everyone,

Guess this has been asked many times before, but can’t seem to find an answer to it:
How do I change my Cubase project path?

My situation: I noticed that I have C7 on my startup drive, as well as the Projects folder for it, so I wanted to put that Project folder to my 2nd HD, because it fills my startup disk with a lot of GB’s, besides that C7 will run probably faster/better with the audio and the progr. on separate drives.

So after I swapped my Projects folder from HD1 to HD2; after I tried to open some projects Cubase couldn’t find (the right) audio-files (it’s possible to find them, but that takes a long time)
(I also have a lot of files which are for example called Audio_01 etc.)
I now have placed back the Projects folder to the original place; HD1 and I can work again like usually (exept for the latest 4 or 5 songs which I made with the Project folder on HD2, but I can point to there and open them as well)

I’m on a MacPro 8 core/Lion 10.7.5/Cubase7

Any help would be much appreciated.
Thanks in advance…

I know I could use “backup project” that places the Projects on the new location, but that would mean I would have to open hundreds of songs and “backup” them…


In your situation, this is what I would do:

From this point on, every time you open up an old Project from HD1, use Backup Project and save it to HD2 and forget about using the original from HD1. You can just keep doing this as you go along working on various older HD1 Projects…as there is no reason to open up everything you have on HD1 and back it all up in one brutally long insane go. The old HD1 Projects will be perfectly safe until you need to work on them. By doing this, the new copy on HD2 will become the new Project path for any audio you add to the Project.

And here’s a habit you really need to develop: start naming your audio files as soon as you record them. To not do so is an invite for disaster when you need to search for a specific recording…and discover (as you already have) 100’s of files all neatly named with the default Cubase naming convention: Audio 01…02 etc.

I would also get in the habit of renaming the audio files to something more identifiable in the newly backed up Project folders on HD2 (and then resaving the Project so the new names are associated with the new folder).

Back up and rename as you go forward.