OSX Lion Backup First

If you upgrade to OSX Lion you should do a full backup first so you can be back up and running if some bad stuff append. I tested lion on my spare drive 2 days ago and also yesterday but this morning … no boot

For my clone I use Carbon Copy … works for me …

P.S. I will probably stay with snow for a bite longer or until one of the forum Guru tell me it safe to cross the street LOL

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The upcoming Cubase 6.0.3 update will be Lion compatible.



what about Cubase 5 users? Lion updates coming up ? The latest current version will not boot with Lion at all ?

Try the 32bit kernel. (Hold 3 and 2 on the keyboard at power on). Lion boots the 64bit kernel by default and this WILL cause driver problems for many.

I would however strongly advise against anyone who relies on their Mac for income jumping straight in with a new OS until the all clear. By all means experiment with second drives and backups, but be prepared to roll back to a working backup. (Time Machine is your friend).

Aloha Fitz,
Great advice (as usual) and good to see you around.


Can anyone tell me if embracer synth will become usable in the 6.0.3 update?

I too loooove that plug but it has become more and
more unstable with each new Cubase release.

I too hope for the best but I fear the worst.


Can anyone tell me if embracer synth will become usable in the 6.0.3 update?

If Embracer is presently working on your system under 6.0.2, it will work under 6.0.3, However, under Lion, most likely not under the 64bit kernel.

I’d try Fitz’s suggestion and reboot Lion under the 32 bit kernel and see if it (and other older plug-ins) will work. As to anything that are strictly PPC plug-ins…I don’t think they’ll work at all regardless of boot mode.

Additionally, if you do boot Lion in 32bit after trying 64 bit, you may find that Cubase wrote up some plugs into the Blacklist. I’d suggest quitting Cubase in 64bit, trash the Blacklist and then try the reboot in 32 bit to see what survived.

No Rosetta in Lion, so it’s bye bye support for legacy PPC plugins (unless someone comes up with a dirty hack or a third party product). One could always VST System Link to a PPC machine should access to certain PPC plugins be required.

Note that booting the 32bit kernel doesn’t mean you can’t run Cubase in 64bit mode. 64bit apps will run just fine regardless of the OSX kernel. The main noticeable impact will be 32bit drivers will cause problems.

can anyone tell me how I will know if I’m in 32bit mode… does it say anywhere? Ive pressed the 3 &2 keys when re-starting but not quit sure if Im in 32 bit mode

FYI, I am still on Snow Leopard and boot into the 64-bit kernel. I’ve had no driver issues - everything works, including Pro Tools, my hardware interfaces, plug-ins, Cubase 6, and other software.

I’m experiencing Cubase hanging on project unload or quit, but I’m not sure what is causing that yet as I seem to have had that behaviour prior to booting into 64-bit kernel mode.

Open System Profiler.app (In Lion I think it’s called System Information.app)

Select the “Software” item in the list (it has an arrow next to it - just click on “Software” itself)

You should see an item in the right-hand pane that says this:

64-bit Kernel and Extensions: [Yes/No]

If Yes, you’re in 64-bit kernel. If No, you’re in 32-bit kernel.

I love Embracer too and I’ve used it since it appear on Cubase for pad sounds.
But I have replaced it over time cause it’s PPC and unstable, unfortunately…

I’m not completely happy with the vsti’s I use for replacing Embracer, so I accept any suggestion…

I have time machine and seriously looking at re-installing snow leopard-the loss of some plug-ins and apps that I use that are lost rally makes Lion an expensive upgrade-snow leopard was fine-Lion? not worth the bother