OSX Mission Control

recently Apple released OSX 10.11 El Capitan; I know Steinberg doesn’t officially support it yet, but…
I noticed new “Split-View” El Capital feature become available ONLY if you activate “Displays have separate Spaces” in OSX Mission Control preferences; so I wonder: due Steinberg recommends to deactivate that preference in OSX to proper work, how could we still use the Split-View feature? Is that recommendation still valid? Activating “Displays have separate Spaces” in OSX 10.11 to use Split-View, will affect Steinberg products when they become El Capitan-ready?


I knew you had to answer like this… Does that barely supposed to answer my question?

Well, since they are still in the testing period, it is impossible to say what is going to work and what not.


Fair enough, but in the previous OS X releases, enabling that option can cause issue to latest version of Nuendo (7.0.30)?