OSX SL Question? 32 or 64 bit

Hey guys, I just upgraded to an 8 core MacPro here and just ordered C6 as well.
Do you guys recommend running C6 in 32 or 64bit now? I just moved from a G5 so Im trying to get back up to speed here. Only plugins Im using are WAVES



I running Cubase in 32-bit because most of my plugins are still 32-bit and it seems (at least on my system) that Cubase runs better in 32-bit mode. For some reason, in 64-bit, my CPU meter runs a lot higher and I get CPU spikes here and there.

Unless you have all 64-bit plugins, it isn’t really necessary to run Cubase 64-bit. All your 32-bit plugins will load in the 32-bit VST Bridge and will probably limit you there in the same way as if you had 32-bit Cubase running.

Another reason would be if you need to use more than 4 GB of RAM inside Cubase then 64-bit would be the choice.

However, like I mentioned before, I find 32-bit Cubase to perform better personally. I don’t think 64-bit runs any faster than 32-bit, if that is your concern.

Thanks man. I dont want any drama so Ill probably stay with C6 32 bit for now

With “OS 10.5.8, G5 3 Gig Ram”, there’s no real advantage for you to move to 64 bit yet. 64 bit is definitely the best choice for some users though.

Im on the MacPro 8 core , 2.4 with 6 GB RAM now. I’ll have 14GB RAM by the end of the week

Then there’s no right or wrong here. Simply examine your project needs and your plug-ins. Are you running any libraries like the ones from East West (Play for the Mac will SOON be 64 bit) or any large Kontakt libraries where RAM is critical? If so, try 64 bit. You are apparently purchasing lots of of RAM. Why are you doing that if you are considering staying with 32 bit??
The number of 64 bit plug-ins for the Mac are lagging way behind those for a PC, but nearly all the Steinberg plug-ins in C 6.02 are 64 bit now, and so are major plug-ins like Kontakt 4, Spectrasonic’s,Toontrack’s and even EW’s “Spaces”. However UAD, Izotope Ozone and plug-ins from some other major companies still aren’t 64 bit on a Mac. Based on all of this, only you can decide. In any case, you can easily switch between booting C6 in 32 or 64 bit mode, so why not try 64 bit and see how it all works for you? If you like it, stick with it. If you don’t then simply use 32 bit until such time as any problem areas you encounter are sorted out.


Is this guess or you read somewhere?

I don’t post ‘guesses’. :slight_smile: Regular contributors at the EastWest forum will be aware that this was announced previously, and that Beta testing by 200 participants began yesterday. "The next announcement will be for the final release. " If anyone wishes to check out the threads on this subject, please visit the EW forum.

From Doug Rogers of EW:
"These are the major changes in PLAY 3:

  • 64 bit compatibility on Mac OS 10.6 (AU, VST, and Standalone).
  • optimized performance on all platforms, including increased ‘max voices’ setting (now up to 2,048 voices).
  • added ‘autosave’ feature (standalone only).
  • improved load and save times.
  • fixed other bugs on all platforms."

Ohh this is good news. I can now go back to Logic 64 bit.


Don’t worry, your safe…