OT: 3D printing of guitar picks etc??

Aloha guys,

With this new tech becoming available to the masses;
would this be possible??

What have you heard?

Sure, why not. Some guy is making guns with it. Saw a tv show about it.

Problem is that the amount of available materials is still very limited for most kinds of 3D printing. The actual geometry of a plectrum is not a problem, but the material properties might be.

Print a Steinberger headless guitar with transposing whammy and all!!! :bulb: :laughing:

ohh yes I would love a EMS VCS3 printed please :laughing: :laughing: ( still in production after all these years and is next on my shopping list )

Thanks guys,

There’s not enough printing material in the world to make a copy of this!!! :open_mouth: :confused: :blush: