OT: Black Friday Apple Refurb iPads

Of passing interest, Apple has a lot of iPads in their Refurb Store (well, in the UK, anyway).

This includes lots of M1 iPad Pros (2021 models).

To my mind, for an iPad, an M1 is going to be just as good as an M2 (neither will be pushed to the limit by most iPad apps); and the M1/M2 hardware is so similar that they are both likely to be supported into the future for the same length of time.

I just bought an 11-inch M1 iPad Pro, and even after bumping up to 256Gb storage and throwing in a Pencil, it was still cheaper than a base “current” model.

In short: if you’re after a discounted iPad Pro, there might be some options for you.

I very much like the idea of playing the piano from an iPad, using scores in Dorico.


They need refurbishing after two years? :frowning:

No, I think these are generally perfectly fine, it’s just that their owners need the newest model every year, so they get rid of them.


Also, I would think that it is standard practice (or should be) for a company to check a used item which is intended to be resold for any physical damage, performance issues, potential problems, etc., and re-install and/or update software as needed. Apart from forestalling possible warranty claims, it enables the company to give the new owner accurate details on its condition. Refurbishing can cover all of this as well as actual repairs. In contrast, a lot of sellers on eBay and similar sites, selling not just computing devices but all sorts of items, seem to think that they can use the term “refurbished” when all that they have done is to brush the dust off and oil a hinge, for example.

Dan is right. There is a myriad of reasons why people return them. (And FWIW, my last iPad lasted 6 years.)

Anything I’ve ever bought through the official refurb store on apple’s site has been in brand new condition (multiple devices, including a 5k iMac). The catch is that the official refurb store isn’t as cheap as you can find it elsewhere, but then again, buying the devices elsewhere don’t come with limited warranties either.

I lucked out and bought a used m1 12.9 pro off of someone on eBay a few months ago. Once you factor in the keyboard case, screen protector, pencil and whatnot, I saved over $1000 than if I had ordered new directly from Apple.

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Yep, only buy from Refurb. Been waiting for M3 to come out so I can get an M2 from there. Unless I wait until the M4?….


Just wanted to mention that at least in the US, the Apple Education store is pretty great too. Supposedly it’s only “available to current and newly accepted college students and their parents, as well as faculty, staff, and homeschool teachers of all grade levels,” but they don’t check. I’ve always gotten my kids’ laptops from there. Typically there’s a discount, but limited customization options when compared to the regular Apple store. For a 256GB Wi-fi iPad Pro:

Apple store (M2): $1,199
Apple Education store (M2): $1,099
Apple Refurbished store (M1): $979

Not sure if going from M1 to M2 is worth $120 to anyone, but it’s there as an option at least.


From what I’ve seen of some professional reviewers, the advantages of M2 over M1 are pretty minimal. M1 was such a great chip that sales have dipped for apple in the intervening period since its release, since people have been so happy with it. My piddly M1 mac mini with 16gb ram readily trounces my huge last-gen 5k imac with 96 gb ram when exporting video, for instance. It’s mind-boggling. (rather upsetting in a way, lol)

What would really yield more of a difference for most current users would be going from M1 to M3 pro or max.

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I personally am pretty excited to soon be getting a non-M 12.9" iPad Pro, LOL! My wife wants a new one, so I’m claiming her old one to use as a music reader. I don’t think chip speed will matter much when I only app I’ll probably use is forScore.


Just done it. You won’t regret it. Lord Of The Rings was fun to watch while I did some typesetting yesterday. I’ve also got Metagrid to use with Dorico and it’s AMAZING!

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For the past 3 years I use an 12.9" iPad with forScore for my music performances on the carillon, just bought a second (to be on the safe side) and let forScore do the syncing between them.
Differences between M1 and not-M1 are marginal if only using that app.
Now expanding to the clavichord and harpsichord performances with an Airturn pedal, it is really a great experience. Building the library with several thousand of pieces in PDF, all in one convenient tablet instead of heavy, expanding rucksacks, and always just forgotten that one-needed-piece!