OT: Circle of 5ths vectored file

I was working on a project in Dorico and needed a circle of 5ths chart that was vectored, so I created this one using MusGlyphs. Posting it as a PDF and SVG so it can be inserted as a graphic into a frame.

circle of 5ths graphics.zip (65.4 KB)


Thank you, Dan. This will come in handy for a scale book I’m working on.


That’s great!
Did you create also the radial circle with MuseGlyph?

No, I made that in Affinity Designer.


nice work. is that free to use by anyone anywhere or is there credit due for using it?

Thanks for asking. Feel free to use without citing.

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thank you, @dan_kreider very useful and nicely done.
probably a beer due… :grinning:

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Great @dan_kreider !! You can add all that circle into your MusGlyph font, yes, you’ll need to resize it, and maybe assign a key shortcut to something like: cir5, then the user will need to set the font size to 100pnt or 150pnt.

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Thanks Dan. Most kind of you.