OT: need help with printer issue

Product: HP Photosmart 5520
OS: win 7 64-bit Home
Error message:
Call to DriverPackageInstall returned error – 536870141 for
Package ‘C:Program Files\HP\Hp Photosmart 5520 series\DriverStore\NGScanDriver\HPWia_PS5520.INF’

I have tried to install the driver/software many times; a support person with HP also tried numerous times (by remote control). I went out and purchased Fix-It Professional maintenance software, hoping it might remove any registry issues. Still can’t install driver! Followed all the suggested methods, incl setting my Startup method to “Normal” – still no success. Windows detects the printer via Wi-Fi; an icon for it shows up under “Printers” but has a big exclamation mark, and cannot be accessed or used. Any suggestions appreciated!

Sorry, no suggestions, but don’t you just hate it? Things like that should work without problems! :smiling_imp:

I have never had anything but trouble with HP printers. Absolute garbage and bloatware drivers. And lets not forget their clever ink-cartridge expiration rip-off.

Sorry I can’t offer any solutions, other than drop kicking it into the nearest dumpster and replacing it with an Epson, Brother, etc.

Get a different printer.

Could be a few things here is thread that will give you an idea where to look for files to edit or delete.

Also you can do a clean Boot of PC and install app that way. Eliminating conflicts here is link to doing clean boot. Also keep track of msconfig items in startup so you can reset to current status. If you haven’t been to msconfig you may find some items that are hosing your computer.

Is your service pack up to date I am surprised W7 doesn’t automatic print to this, or is it all in one functions you want to use?

I seem to remember always having to connect the printer via a USB cable first, then it would work via Wi-Fi. Not sure if you did or need to do that step but thought I would mention it.

Get a different printer.

Yep, I think you guys are right. Taking it back tomorrow.

BTW Swamp – I was a bit taken aback – even for a person who has been in car sales – how the sales guy aggressively tried to ring me up for additional ink cartridges without even asking me… when I called him on it, he said the carts that come with the printer don’t last very long. He was charging me for 700 pp. capacity cartridges, no less! :confused:

Yes I have 2 laser printers one Brother all in one color which I use when I have to do color It scans and faxes great! Also have a Kyocera Fs3920 that is fast and cheap to run. I bought used at a great price, so the Ink thing is never an issue. I like the hp lasers but any ink jet printer cost 2 much to operate.

My best advice to you is to buy something like an Epson, Canon or Brother with a continuous inking system. They are very inexpensive now, and you may never have to buy a cartridge again.


You don’t know what you’re talking about.

I used to have a HP photosmart 27something that lasted almost 10 years without problems.
Got a new Epson printer to replace it recently, first impressions aren’t as good as with the HP to be honest. It’s got more features (which is normal considering the age of the previous printer), but built quality seems much worse. Setting it up as network printer is also more difficult as you can’t give the printer a static IP for some reason.

I bought a Canon PIXMA series. The HP I had bought was $139 retail, on sale for $99; the Canon was $199 retail, on sale for the same $99. The ink for the Canon was considerably more. Also, the setup was fairly more involved (although not complicated) and I noticed the size of the install was MUCH bigger. The print quality seems just average. However, IT WORKS. No issues installing or operating. Thank you for the advice gentlemen; I will avoid HP products for the foreseeable future :sunglasses:

Don’t forget to get yourself a continuous inking system. You’ll never have to pay ridiculous printer cartridge prices again (about $5300 a gallon).

Thanks, I’ll look into that, To be honest, I’m not familiar with that at all

BTW… did you get banned? :laughing:

No. I just wanted a different storefront. :laughing:

I left you a link to continuous inking systems on newegg a few posts above. Get with the program, Doug. :smiley: