OT: Network/LAN Question...

Hi all,

I know this might not be the perfect forum regarding my question - just few user, wrong topic… but I am not connected to other boards ITM…

I currently have 2 networks in my studio:

1 x Internet - with WLAN - here I use the internet with Office Computer, iPhone, Printer, MacBook etc - this is my home-LAN as well as I live in the same house. AND my clients can access internet with their Laptops/Smartfons via this WLan. Of course it is password protected so I have to tell them the login first.

1 x Gigabit Lan via Switch - all my DAWs and a Network attached Storage solution is connected here. No Internet.

My Workflow is, that I have a transfer folder on that NAS (network storage) and my internet/office computer has two LAN adapters - one for the WLan and one for the Gigabit lan. This way I can transfer files from studio to www and vice versa - lately most of the data is exchanged this way, so using an USB key is not a (long time) solution.

My problem:

I want to use the Gigabit Lan / storage with my Macbook (via WLan) as well, so basically I would like to use just one LAN, but I need to make sure that I can lock out clients / friends from my internal data / systems.

It would be fine when I have Wlan with internet for BOTH networks - but I have only one DSL account, so AFAIK I can use only ONE WLan here…?? Or is it possible just to set up two WLans who use both the same internet-connection?

OR I use a WLan Router which is able to handle some kind of “two” networks, I mean - one “open” Network and one “closed” network OR which can be set up with advanced account management features so I can set up a “standard guest” account with limited access…

How are “big” companies handle that?

Maybe at least someone can point me to a good ressource regarding that.

Thanks a lot,

You can use many WLAN networks with just one internet connection. That is what the default gateway is defining if you cascade the routers.
Easiest way would be to use two separate access points(routers), with different subnets.

One on 192.168.0.x and one on 192.168.1.x. That is called cascading…
The private network should be the second one.

“big” companies handle this with stronger access rules and identification of users. That is difficult to handle. You will need at least one server who maintains the athentication of the users. And they use managed switches and routers like wlan routers but they route their normal network traffic as well.

Thanks ST! I was not aware that it is that simple!

Well, what I need to know now is - how is it possible to lock out clients from the other LAN?


First Network: “Open” - for clients/guests - only internet access

Second Network: An additional - second Access Point connected to the Netgear DSL-WLan-Router (current) - “private” Network for my own systems - I want to connect a Gigabit Switch as well with NAS storage and my studio computers.

I need:

To block internet access for all connected DAWs (I guess I can set that up in the access point?)
Lock out users from Lan1 completely from lan2
want to connect to the NAS via WLan2 and Gigabit Switch ( I guess this is easy)

I stepped over the Airport Extreme which features a guest-network were users are locked out from the real network as well as there is a Gigabit switch included - I even can connect storage to it for NAS use… So this would offer me a simple solution - with not much tweaking I guess… In addition I realized that these days a lot of routers are available which can do that - “multi ssid” it is called as I understand this… starting at 50 bucks… wow.