OT: one monitor/mouse/keyboard, two computers

This is a little OT, but I’m hoping someone here can advise.

I have a PC desktop and a Mac laptop. Sometimes I want to dock my laptop and use the external monitor and mouse/keyboard. If it matters, it’s a Logitech MX Keys and MX Ergo, and a Dell monitor (it has USB-C, but it somehow doesn’t work for display any more… I have to use HDMI).

What’s the easiest way to do switch back and forth that others use? My solutions currently are cumbersome. Thanks in advance.

I switch between a desktop PC and a laptop PC using the Greathtek 2 port HDMI KVM switch. It allows me to share an HDMI monitor and three USB devices: a keyboard, mouse and printer. It also switches digital audio over the HDMI connection, so I hear the sounds produced by the currently selected PC through powered speakers connected to the monitor.


Thanks. Do you know if it will work between PC and Mac? It seems like it does.

No, but if the Mac has an HDMI port and a USB 3 port, I think it should work.