OT: Recommend VEP Slave computer spec

This is not cubase specific but looking for recommentdations for a Slave PC from any Cubase users who are happy wth theirs on a cost/performance ratio.

Anyone running an econmical motherboard, CPU, lots of RAm and quiet PC parts they’d recommend?

sample libraries seem to be getting bigger and bigger. I once thought my 12 gig machine I built in 2010 would never be maxed out… wrong!

I work with a slave and I love it.

Here is one video for a first overview:



It’s important to have a lot of RAM and SSDs. You don’t have to have the BEST CPU. A Intel i5 is enough.

Hi tim

I already have a Slave running and have enjoyed the way of working too. Now though with bigger and bigger sample libraries I"m thinking about upgrading. So I’m look for recommended Motherboard CPU Ram type specs from users very happy with their Slave machine. Whats the spec of your motherboard Cpu and Ram if you dont mind me asking?

Motherboard choice is important in particular for LAN drivers