[OT] - T shirts and Hoodies

This might be a dumb question…

But I ‘collect’ T shirts and Hoodies, and have for some time now. Some of my stuff is getting old, and it is time for new stuff. For YEARS I have wanted some Dorico wear, but I never see it. Not too long ago, I saw that I could buy a Cubase shirt. This lets me know that it is not outside the realm of possibilities.

So… when can we expect to be able to order Dorico T-shirts, and Dorico Hoodies? I’d buy 2 of each for sure.


I’d be inclined to buy at least an XL T-shirt.

Should the Steinberg Circle/Arrowhead logo be sliding down the front with the Dorico name above it?
(It could become known as the “off the wall” Dorico T-Shirt, a collectors’ item.)

Wow, a Dorico tee-shirt. I am trying to imagine explaining this to folks at the gym… I do have a tee shirt I wear that was given to me a few years back by some of my students - it shows a lower case ii, with the phrase “Respect the Supertonic” on it. Yeah, I have a lot of explaining to do when I wear that.

They make a Dorico shirt, I will buy one!

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We do have some Dorico t-shirts, though they’re not available for sale. When we’re eventually allowed back into our office, which will be a while longer I fear, perhaps I will do a lottery or something and send a handful out to people.

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:frowning: OK… I would ask that you push to get some shirts and hoodies made to sell. I really, really want a few of each. Especially a hoodie.


I would love that Dorico mug…

Yes… I would love a mug as well


My reward for being a Finale beta-tester was a Finale T-shirt. I was offered L, XL, or XXL as the choice of sizes. I’m generally an S. :laughing:

It could have been worse … https://dilbert.com/strip/1996-04-28

I have two finale shirts, one purchased and one a bonus for upgrading; but when they sent me an unsolicited (third) one as a thank you, it was the wrong size. I gave that one to my grand-niece to use as sleepwear. I guess they sent me your shirt. :open_mouth:

I’d wear a Dorico shirt and drink from a Dorico mug, for sure :wink:

Me too.

Coffee mugs - yes! But can Dorico make coffee in tablature notation yet?

After I cross-graded to Dorico this weekend, I saw the Steinberg motto: “Creativity First,” and it really resonated with me! That is exactly what you guys are all about and it’s definitely a part of my value system! IDK if Steinberg is planning to make some “Creativity FIrst” T-shirts or not, but if they do, please let me know ! :smiley: I would wear one with pride! :slight_smile:

And a Dorico facemask…

Me too

Would Steinberg be OK if I created my own embroidery of one or more of their logos for my own personal hand-crafted jacket?

Yes, provided you don’t sell them or pass them off as your own trademarks, I’m pretty sure we’d be OK with it. (I’m not the company’s lawyer, or indeed any kind of lawyer, though!)

Thanks. I guess I’ll wait for the T-shirt then :slight_smile: !