other l.v. ties?

I need to put in some special l.v. ties. I thought the easiest might be just a text character that’s a tie, so I could easily move them around (before the notes). Any ideas on how to do this? What fonts might I use?


You can use regular lv ties and simply drag them to the left side of the note head if desired. (Assuming you don’t also need an lv tie on the right side.)

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Thanks! I did that once and found that it was too slow to do. There are lots of condenses staves which on my cpu (overclocked 4770K) is just to slow. And some of these notes have ties after them, so I’d need some symbols or other method.

Any ideas?

It’s not ideal (and I know they have plans for something better down the line), but just a reminder that you can create a normal one and re-position in Engrave Mode (as suggested), and then save time by cutting and pasting it to the other positions (if this helps)…One admitted annoyance in this method is that the “left – opening” re-positioned versions do not properly appear when working in Galley View, but at least it makes it doable for now.
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Yeah would be nice if there were some other “before-the-note ties” available. The existing l.v. ties won’t work here since some of these notes have ties after them already.

I’m just going to use some short ties I’ve found in Engraver font. Many thanks !!

If it is painfully slow, I imagine that placing text objects manually might pose the same issues. I’m away from dorico right now (been home with the flu all week and my dongle is at work… grrr…) but check out the smufl repository on github; you may be able to copy the slur symbol you need from there into shift-x text (change the “type” to music text).

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And +1 for doing it once and then copying (or alt+clicking) them elsewhere. Really speeds things up.