Other mix on automations (?)


Sorry if the following explanations are not clear my english is not perfect :stuck_out_tongue:
I have a mix of a music with some automations on the tracks.
I want to keep these automations because they follow the structure of the music.
But… I would like to try another mix using faders from xtouch.
I don’t know how to do this without destroying the automations.
Basically it would be a “trim” but I don’t want to write until i’m happy when I use trim each time iI stop playback the trim is writen to the automation. And undo is not very clear.
what I want would look like sending each track in a seperate groups and adjust levels on those groups. or one VCA per track…
I could also bounce the tracks etc… but again is there a way to do that at the "track level " using automation function ?
thx for ideas.

Have a look

Just save a new version of your session.