Other Programs turn Cubase Aduio off?

Hi all,

So I know there are a million threads like this, and I’ve read a lot of them and watched a lot of videos about how to solve this, and to no avail. So I will try to describe in as much detail as I can what is happening and what my setup is so hopefully someone can help.

OS: Windows 10 ver 1803
PC: Asus Laptop
Processor: Intel Core i7-770HQ CPU @ 2.80GHz 2.81GHz
RAM: 16gb
Program: Cubase Elements LE AI 10.0.2 Build 187 (trial version)
Audio Driver: ASIO4ALL
External Audio Interface: none

So, long story short, I fired up Cubase for the first time yesterday and was following along with a handy beginner’s tutorial and everything was fine. About halfway through, though, once I opened HALion to start using ‘chord pads’ as the tutorial suggested, suddenly, bam, no sound. Not from Cubase, not from anything.

Steps I took from here:

  1. Google a lot
  2. Realize the “release audio driver while in the background” was not checked, check that

result: now I get sound from things besides Cubase, but still nothing from Cubase itself

  1. More googling
  2. Find that the main causes for total loss of audio are
    -Audio driver not correctly selected (double checked, it is)
    -output bus not properly setup (double checked, it should be?)

All other forums and videos seem to suggest the same 2 steps to fix things but…they don’t for me.

This morning when I shut down and rebooted my computer, it worked fine, like magic! But then I turned on YouTube to continue the tutorial aaaaand sound’s gone from Cubase again.

Now just as I was going to post pictures about how everything was set up correctly, I found that mysteriously my outputs had been disconnected. I reconnected them, and viola! sound! so again, I go to YouTube, start up the tutorial…aaand no sound again. But this time I recheck the Outputs section and it still shows them connected. I turn off YouTube and restart Cubase and it works again…I’m, very confused now.

Has anyone experienced anything similar? I mean, i can watch the tutorial on my phone for now and just switch headphones but…this is odd.

I’m brand new to the world of DAWs and don’t understand much lingo. Someone suggested to another user getting a steinberg U-something something. Is that an external audio interface? And would that somehow help with this issue?

Just to be thorough, here are screencaps of what I think are relevant settings. Let me know if there’s any other info I can share that would help clarify things.


Thank you for any help you can give.