Otiose bars in vocal score

Hello Dorico users, I’m finishing a choral-orchestral score. The orchestra gets a five-bar playout/postlude at the end. This obviously generates a multirest “Tacet al fine” on the vocal score.
I could really do to remove this from the end of the vocal score. It takes up space on the page that would serve to better space my score, and it’s not so pretty anyway.
I know I could push the multirest onto the next page and not print that page, but that wouldn’t give me a final barline at the end of the vocal score.
Is there any way to remove these instrumental rest-bars from the vocal score and have the final barline appear at the end of the vocal score?

Could you put the play-out in another flow, and exclude it from the Vocal Score?

Though, it would probably be better if you can fit all the bars into the layout somehow.

(The choir could start packing up and coughing if they don’t know what’s going on, of course! :smiley:)

Thanks for the suggestion. But, if I’m not wrong, that will still produce a final bar in the orch parts 5 bars before the end.
Maybe you’re right about the choir. If they don’t cough, they might all sit down. (They do that!) So maybe it is worth keeping it in.

Give the Choral Players a local Time Signature. Then you can put in a local Final Barline for them before the end.


Thank you, Craig. I’ve never heard of a local Time Signature or a local Final Barline, nor can I find it in the online Dorico Help.

They’re time signatures, key signatures, barlines that only apply to single staves, e.g.

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Many thanks, Lillie. Now I’ve got it all worked out, including the local Final Barline.
Every day I learn more Dorico.
Many thanks to everyone.