OT's Berlin Woodwinds Legacy/Revive (Kontakt libraries) are not working in Dorico 4

Some time back I created projects, playback template and expression maps for Orchestral Tools BWW Legacy and Revive, the old Kontakt versions. I’m sure at the time I was able to reload and work with them but something must have changed because now, no matter how long I wait and with the green loading light flashing, they never finishes loading, even with a small selection of six instruments with the most basic articulations. I checked out other Kontakt libraries and Dorico 4 loads them reasonably fast, but for some reason not these two old Kontakt libraries. Fortunately both libraries still work fine in Reaper. Clearly there’s something Dorico 4 objects to. Any ideas?

Could you please be a little more specific? In what way does it fail? Kontakt loads, but not the BWW library? Or does the library load and just not play back? A little more detail please.
And if we are already at it, a diagnostics report could also maybe be helpful.

I will email the diagnostic report to you. Just a moment ago I loaded the BWW Legacy project but forgot to turn on my keyboard controller and my audio interface (Presonus Studio 24c). The project completed loading i.e the play button was green but of course there I was nothing I could do with it. Once I connected the audio interface and keyboard controller the loading process hung. There was no indication that it was loading samples and I could not open any of the fx in the rack. So possibly the problem has been caused by my new interface, the one big change since I first created the BWW Legacy project.

I really appreciate your support Ulf. I will re-run the diagnostic report on a small selection of the instruments from BWW Legacy and BWW Revive and report back.

Hi @andhy,
Do you, by any chance, have made Expression Maps sets for OT Berlin Series Legacy/Revive?
I’m still having these libraries, but I only made a set for the First Chairs. I’m using these libraries mainly in Cubase, but I would gladly use them in Dorico, too.
If you don’t have complete sets for the Woods, Brass, Percussion and Strings, we could collaborate in order to make them.

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Thurisaz :slight_smile:

Here’s what I have so far for BWW Legacy and Revive. Recently I experienced difficulties loading projects containing these two libraries but the culprit appears to be my audio interface not Dorico 4. Hopefully you won’t have the same problem.

I have also added the EMs I have been using for Berlin Brass, Woodwinds and Strings - all SINE versions. I only had the Kontakt versions for Berlin Brass and Woodwinds.

I’m happy to colaborate if it helps on any libraries we have in common.

BWW Legacy EMs.zip (20.9 KB)
BWW Revive EMs.zip (19.3 KB)
Berlin Brass SINE.zip (58.7 KB)
BWW SINE.zip (19.9 KB)
Berlin Strings L-S.zip (10.6 KB)

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Andy :smiley:

I have emailed two more diagnostic reports to you today. When my Presonus Studio 24c audio interface is disconnected both libraries load reasonably quickly, but with the audio interface connected they hang and the green play button is never highlighted. My workround is to load the libraries first and connect my audio interface only once a BWW Legacy or Revive project has fully loaded with the play button lit up. The problem only seems to arise with these two old Kontakt libraries. I suggest we close the matter as Dorico 4 is not the source of the problem in my opinion.

Hi Andy,

Thank you very much for sharing your E.Ms! :slight_smile:
When I’m back from my holiday I will test them and leave my feedback.

Once again, thank you very much! :slight_smile:

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You’re very welcome

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Dorico 4 hanging when attempting to reload an old BWW Legacy projects does appear to be a Kontakt problem so I will raise with Native Instruments. The diagnostic reports and processing dumps all point to Kontakt as the culprit. My guess is it’s an issue with the vst3 version of Kontakt. Many thanks for your help with this Ulf.

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