Out now: Allen Morgan Signature Drums Vol. 1

Steinberg is happy to release a new expansion pack for its popular Groove Agent ONE drum sampler that is included with Cubase, Sequel and Nuendo NEK.

Allen Morgan’s Signature Drums Vol. 1 pump energy into your Groove Agent ONE drum library with 30 excellently produced drum kits and 150 MIDI loops for acoustic and electronic drum styles. Faithfully recorded and pre-processed by US producer Allen Morgan (Nine Inch Nails, Taylor Swift and many more), this powerful package comes with more than 900 drum and effect samples.

Allen Morgan Signature Drums Vol. 1 is exclusively available as download through the Steinberg Online Shop.


Having just purchased, downloaded and installed the product, I have a few questions.

  1. Is there any documentation?
  2. If no documentation, is there a list of the “30 kits” that are included because there doesn’t appear to be a seperate “Allen Morgan” category.
  3. Where are the midi loops automatically installed? I searched for any new midi files (*.mid) under windows explorer and got no results in either my C: or D: drives. Is there a chance that these were not included in the win installer?

Hi there,

There is no documentation included. But if you open your MediaBay in Cubase and add the “define location” tab you will see the new VST archive folder “Instrument Set Allen Morgan Signature Drums Vol.1” in there. In the archive there are folders for all the audio files, MIDI loops and VST3 presets.

Do you have to do this before the presets show up in GA-1? I can’t find them.

Hi again,

I did a standard install, but I see nothing in the Mediabay like you mentioned. This is all I got:

cubase mediabay screenshot by zephonic, on Flickr

Of course, I checked all the subfolders for the Allen Morgan stuff, but no dice. What (if anything) am I doing wrong? Thanks.

Hi there,

Please reset your Cubase by generating a new preferences folder.
In order to do so you must rename the folder mentioned below. Note that since Mac OS X 10.7.x the user library is hidden. To access it, please click on the “Go” menu in the menu bar. When the “Go” drop down menu appears, you need to press and hold the key “alt” on your keyboard which adds the “Library” entry to the menu.

Now please rename

“/Users//Library/Preferences/Cubase x”
“/Users//Library/Preferences/Cubase x inactive”

After this, please open Cubase and then the Mediabay and rescan the whole VST Sound area please.



I just read it again, got it.

Thank, will give that a try.

So I did that, but it still does not appear, neither in the media bay nor in the GrooveAgentOne preset bank.

However, I can not ‘rescan’ the VST Sound area, the button is greyed out as you can see in this screenshot:

I did rescan all the the folders, as that remains possible, but no Alan Morgan anywhere.

Please advise, thank you.

PS: I forgot you lose all your preferences, key commands etc. when you do this… :imp:

Hi there,

in order to rescan just use “Quick rescan disk”.

Please look/search for this file:


To ensure that you have access to this file, please repair your diskpermission with the disk utility.
And after:
Open the Mediabay in Cubase and rescan this area on your HDD as well.

Best regards,


Sorry for taking up so much of your time, but where is this ‘quick rescan disk’ feature?

I did verify and/or repaired disk permissions, but still nada.

Right mouse click on “VST Sound” and then choose “quick rescan”

Best regards,


When I right-click on “VST sounds” the only option I get is ‘refresh views’…

…which I did, nothing new.

Hi there,

please remove all “hooks” in the VST Sound area.

After removing all, start to check them again.

You find further information about the Mediabay in your Cubase 6 manual.

Best regards,


I thought I’d interject that some of the acoustic kits are by far the best VST drums I’ve heard. They are radio ready. No need to process them because they already sound great. The snare on rock kit #5 just blows me away.

I don’t understand why there aren’t more “ready to go” VST drum samples like this for people like me that have no interest in being an engineer and just want to punch up already good sounding instruments. My focus and interest is composing, and the less other stuff I have to do the better.

Zombie thread alert!

Except, I never got this to work and forgot about it. Now I saw Vol.2 is out and I want to get that, but not before I figure this out.

Turns out, I can’t find it on my drive anymore. I wanted to dowload it again, but it does not show up in My Products on MySteinberg Account!

I have the e-receipt and an activation code, but cannot do anything with that unless I download the software first. Please advise, thanks!

Hi there,

The easiest way would be to download the trial version and then activate it permanently with your activation code.


?!? :open_mouth: ?!? :open_mouth: ?!?

Get a load of this:

When I tried to download it with Safari, it ostensibly downloads the .dmg but it is only 383 bytes large and cannot be opened.

When I tried to download it with Firefox, I just get:

File not found

Firefox can’t find the file at > http://download.steinberg.net/trial/Allen_Morgan_Signature_Drums_Vol._1_Trial_Installer_mac.dmg> .

I get the feeling I was not supposed to buy this! :confused:

When I try to download it with Safari, it downloads the .dmg but it is only 383 bytes large and cannot be opened.

I got it working!

Thanks to Steinberg US customer support.

I got a new activation code and download link, as well as instructions. What I forgot about was that you have to enter the activation code in elicenser first, or else it won’t work. :blush:

I got confused, I guess, a lot of other software prompts you to activate/register, and it never occurred to me to just enter the activation code without being prompted to do so.

My bad.

But Steinberg, maybe the download should come with a readme containing installation/activation instructions? Every company does things differently, and half the time I can’t remember who does what how.