Out now: Blues Essentials

Blues Essentials is the latest VST Sound Instrument Set that adds to the Acoustic Agent drum kits available in Groove Agent 4 and the Groove Agent SE 4 plug-in included in Cubase Pro 8 and Cubase Artist 8. Its styles range from contemporary to traditional blues music, with grooves that vary from basic to complex.

Key features at a glance:

10 Blues Styles for the Acoustic Agent drum kits in Groove Agent 4 and Groove Agent SE 4
Each preset includes a Style and mixer preset
Grooves cover different tempos and time signatures and range from basic blues phrasings to complex syncopations
Each Style includes main parts, intros, endings and fills
An inexhaustible resource for creating backing tracks, inspiring new blues compositions and improvisation sessions

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Hello, I just purchased the Blues Essential Vst for Cubase Pro and Groove agent 4. I only see the SE patterns in the Groove Agent 4 browser. Did I miss a download somewhere? I load a pattern and It just loads a beat agent kit. When I try to replace the beat agent kit, It removes the pattern.


I just re installed the Blues Essentials, still just seeing the Groove Agent SE patterns with the Beat Agent kit. Very frustrating!


We are really sorry for the inconvenience. There seems to be problem with the installer on some systems. We will fix this in an upcoming update. Until then the only way to solve the problem is to de-install both Groove Agent 4 and Blues Essentials and then re-install both starting with Blues Essentials.

I uninstalled Blues Essentials and Groove Agent 4 trial versian and after that I’ve installed Groove Agent 4 and Blues Essentials (again). But now there are no patterns anymore of the Blues Essentials…

I tried this, and it did not work. I uninstalled both. Reinstalled Blues Essentials first. Then GA4, as well as the GA4 update to no avail. I guess I will wait till the update.

I have installed/uninstalled appr. 5 times the Blues Essentials for GA4 but the problem remains the same:
the patterns can not be identified in the browser … rescan does not help … actually nothing helps :frowning:
Does anybody has a clue how this can be fixed ?
Thx and best regards,


Please make sure to have Cubase, Groove Agent and the content installed for “all users”. Otherwise Groove Agent can’t load the presets.