Out Now: "Captain's Log" - modern presets for Retrologue 2

Introducing Captain’s Log, a new sound bank for Retrologue 2. Containing 64 dynamic, ready-to-go presets for leads, plucks, drums, bass, organs, pads, strings, arps, and effects, this expansion pack boasts many of the quintessential, up-to-date sounds heard in the clubs and at the top of the charts (as well as a few new versions of recognisable classics heard throughout the history of electronic music).

This is my first ever ‘public’ soundset, having racked up over 20,000hrs as a producer/engineer for many exciting and world-renowned artists/DJs. Just check out the audio/video demo above!

Captain’s Log is exclusively available as a download from http://www.owenthegeek.com/clog

^Includes full Patch Guide

^Special Intro Price if you’re quick enough!

Just bought these and have to say that I’m very impressed. They really show off the best of Retrologue 2. Will keep an eye open for more of your work.

Thanks for this.found most sounds complimented my productions, either to reinforce my home made sounds or add another dimension to some of my tracks.

great tutorials in the mags too!!!

Thanks very nice presets there , i just got :imp: :imp: :imp: the pack !!!

Nice sounds m8:)

Im like halfway through the presets and im thinking to myself, hey, every one of em sounds nice!..
That can be dangerous because you are too busy enjoying the sounds and cant get and work (songwriting etc)done so to speak…lol

-> also, jamming with the Captains log made gave me the idea that it would be really cool if retrologue 3 could incorperate some special LFO to modulate with…
A User based LFO wave based on recorded automation…
-> select user lfo wave, set the amount of time in bars etc. , press LFO-record and record some nifty knob tweakage to be used as a custom LFO wave…

Really enjoying the sounds, thx:) -might have to use retrologue more often now:p


Thank you so much for that brilliant review, GGC… Only just seen it now! :slight_smile: