Out now: Colliding Worlds

With Colliding Worlds, we continues to complement the drum libraries of the Beat Agent in Groove Agent 4 and Groove Agent SE 4. Recorded and produced by composer and sound designer Simon Stockhausen, Colliding Worlds holds a plethora of exotic sounds that will take your productions on a mesmeric voyage.

Key features:

30 experimental drum kits produced by Simon Stockhausen
Over 3 GB of sounds including multi-sampled percussions, electronic soundscapes, processed field recordings and tempo-synced loops
Complete production kits including loops, one-shot samples and chromatic-mapped instruments
240 groove patterns for instant beat programming

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Great, I am very happy that this is finally out of the door.

Here is a video playlist with all my audio demos bounced to video, so you can see Groove Agent in action while listening:

It took me about half a year to accomplish, over 1.700 samples and loops were played and recorded all by myself, cut, edited, polished, also transformed into electronic soundscapes and other funny noises and eventually structured in musical patterns and loops.

You will find deeply multi-sampled sounds of:
darabuka, frame drum, ocean drum, concert toms, various snares, djembes, various chimes, gong/tam tam, a kit made from door sounds, a kit made from field recordings recorded in various factories, container drums (aste and charity containers), electronic drums, singing bowls, kitchen percussion, hang percussion, Angkelungs (chromatically sampled - 18 sizes), crotales (beaten and also some bowed sounds), 200 litre oil barrel, corpus percussion (played on a cello corpus and some other stuff), cymbals (ride and various splashs), water pan, rainmaker(s), Nepalese bells and finger cymbals, temple blocks and warped drums sounds and some spring drums too.

This makes my day…

P.S.: More infos and detailed descriptions of each kit can be found in this thread on my patchpool forum:

EDIT (on the next day):

Here are some more details about each of the 30 kits:

Angkelungs - 89 Samples - 57.9 MB
18 Angkelungs ranging from G3 - C5, multisampled with 4x round robin (shaking it forth/back), additional tempo-synced loops, tremolos and trills for selected pitches.

Barrel Drums - 62 Samples - 82.6 MB
200 liter oil barrel multi-sampled hits at different spots of the barrel, played with all kinds of sticks, mallets and other things, also hitting a cymbal lying on top of the barrel - some electronic derivatives and 2 synced loops are also available.

Chime In - 44 Samples - 169.5 MB
Tubular wind-chimes (the tubes are up to 1,20 m long), glass chimes, two differently sized bar chimes (the bigger one is huge, weighing 12+ kg), large bamboo chimes, some electronic derivatives/soundscapes/drones, tempo-synced loops played with sticks on the bamboo chimes.

Container Drums - 51 Samples - 28.7 MB
Various waste, recycling, storage and charity containers of different sizes and materials, mostly multi-sampled with round robin, many of the samples are pre-processed.

Corpus Percussion - 75 Samples - 34.3 MB
Most of the samples were created on the corpus of a cello using various sticks, objects and tools like screwdrivers, Allen wrenches and chopsticks, some samples were created on an acoustic western guitar - some additional electronic derivatives (loops) are also included.

Crotales - 75 Samples - 378.5 MB
2 octaves from C5 - C7, sampled with 4 velocities layers. The lower octave (C5 - B5) was sampled chromatically and the samples were also copied to the octave below, extending the instrument range from C4 - C7. The upper octave (C#6 - B6) was sampled in whole-tone steps. Two bowed crotales textures and two electronic derivatives thereof are also included in this kit.

Cymbalizer - 89 Samples - 275.9 MB
20“ ride cymbal and five differently sized splash cymbals, multi-sampled with up to 7 velocity layers / 4x round robin, various articulations including bowed cymbal sounds which are electronically processed. A floor tom with 7 velocity layers, a tempo-synced rainmaker loop and a deep container sub kick with round robin variations were borrowed from other kicks.

Darabuka - 50 Samples - 53.7 MB
Multisampled darabuka (metal corpus), various articulations were sampled with up to 7 velocity layers and 8x round robin, 13 tempo-synced loops in various time signature and some processed darabuka sounds are also included. Some percussion and bass instruments were borrowed from other kits.

Door Drums - 45 Samples - 33.6 MB
Various doors and gates recorded in various places like stairways, parking lots, apartments, cars, and industrial spaces. Some are multi-sampled with round robin variations, some use sample start velocity to modify the samples. Processed, tempo-synced loops and a soundscape are also available and some odd loops made from closing a wooden door.

Dual Djembe - 96 Samples - 112.1 MB
Two big djembes, one wooden the other made of fiberglass, multisampled with up to 8 velocity layers / 8x round robin, plenty of articulations are available including tempo-synced finger rolls. 21 synced loops in various time-signatures are included, six of them played on both djembes simultaneously.

Factory Mayhem - 33 samples - 37.2 MB
Industrial kit made entirely from field recordings collected in various factories and harbors. Tempo-synced and tonal loops composed from processed industrial sounds are also available, quite a few pads use sample velocity start range.

Frame Drums - 88 Samples - 166.5 MB
Two bodhran drums (frame drums) one of them at two different tunings, multi-sampled with up to 7 velocity layers and 4x round robin, various articulations are available like beater hits, mallet hits, hand hits, finger slaps, finger rolls, tremolos, swishes and more. A granular frame drum soundscape and a tempo-synced, processed oud theme are also included, some shaker sounds were borrowed from the Let It Rain-Kit.

Gimmick Kit - 62 Samples - 100.7 MB
Percussion sounds with a cartoon-ish flavor.
spring drum, water pan, thunder sheet multisampled with up to 6 velocity layers and 8x round robin, some electronic derivatives. A few percussion sounds were borrowed from other kits.

Kitchen Percussion - 90 Samples - 86.5 MB
Multi-sampled kitchen objects sampled with up to 8x round robin and 7 velocity layers: two cooking pots (one of them filled with water) played with various sticks, spoons and mallets, a milk foamer, a salad spinner, cutlery and a knife sharpener. A spectral soundscape derived from a spoon sound is also included.

Let It Rain - 39 Samples - 99.6 MB
waterfall percussion (plastic chimes), monsoon rainmaker, distant thunder, processed rainmaker drones
11 tempo-synced loops are also included

Mellowtone Mix - 97 Samples - 96.3 MB
Hang percussion - all 9 pentatonic pitches multi-sampled at 4 velocities and 2 articulations (hand/soft mallet), multi-sampled sub-bass accents played on the backside of the instrument - the original tuning was preserved so it’s not perfectly chromatic.

Mellowtone Chromatic
Same samples as above, mapped chromatically split up into two articulations (mallets/hands).

Mellowtone Loop Mix - 2 Samples - 113 MB
28 Mellowtone loops in various time signatures, accompanied by some electronic drum- and synth loops and percussion - and drum instruments, borrowed from other kits.

Nepal Bells - 69 Samples - 197.2 MB
Two differently sized Dorje bells, 2 differently sized crotales - accents with 4 velocities and tremolos
two finger cymbals - accents, rubbed, open/close with 6x round robin, tempo-synced loops, some electronics.

Ocean Drum - 50 Samples - 119.5 MB
Large 22“ ocean drums, multisampled hits of various kinds, shakes, waves and tempo-synced shake loops. 13 tempo-synced loops are also included in this kit and a music-loop audio-morphing Tuvan throat singing with one of the pattern beats.

Singing Bowls - 38 Samples - 303.9 MB
Five singing bowls, hit, rubbed (with release samples) and bowed, some electronic derivatives/soundscapes are also included."
Singing Bowls Chromatic Same samples as above mapped chromatically, using layered articulations (beaten/bowed/rubbed) also adding electronic drone sounds in the bass register. Some micro bells and waterfall percussion were borrowed from other kits.

Snare Mania - 98 Samples - 85 MB
Three differently sized snare drums, multi-sampled with up to 8 velocity layers and 6x round robin, multiple articulations are available (normal hits rattle on/off, rim shots, rolls and accents, flams, rim flams).
20 tempo-synced loops, some additional electronic percussion loops and a granulated snare soundscape are also available. Several cymbals and percussion instruments were borrowed from other kits.

Space Gong - 56 Samples - 224.9 MB
Large Chinese windgong recorded with all sorts of multisampled articulations (velocity or round robin) like muted, open, swells, swishes, scrapes and whale gong sounds played with differently sized rubber balls - some electronic derivatives and processed Thai gongs are also included.

Temple Blocks - 67 Samples - 64.8 MB
Five temple blocks, multi-sampled at 4 velocities, tremolos with accel./rit. - tempo-synced loops - also processed with FX - in various time signatures. From C3 - C5 the five blocks are mapped chromatically.

Tom Attack - 111 Samples - 178.1 MB
Four concert toms and a floor tom, multisampled at up to 7 velocity layers or 8x round robin and various articulations (stick, mallets, flams, rimshots) - 12 temposynced loops in various time signatures and tempos are also available.

Urbanizer - 43 Samples - 28.8 MB
This kit is composed entirely from electronic drum sounds, percussive noises and glitchy textures programmed on various drum machines and synthesizers. Four tempo-synced loops are also available, one of them audio-morphing one of the pattern beats with the sound of a departing subway.

Warped Kit - 20 Samples - 76 MB
Electronic drum sounds and tempo-synced loops with a warped twist.

Water Pan Loops - 47 Samples - 119.5 MB
47 water pan loops, acoustic and sometimes extremely processed and glitchy in various time signatures (5/8 - 6/8 - 7/8 - 4/4 - 4/4 triplets) and a bass sequencer loop in 7/8. Some drum- and percussion sounds were borrowed from other kits (frame drum kick, rim shot snares, monsoon shaker loop, electronic shaker loop).

World Percussion Mix - 2 extra samples
This kit combines numerous multisampled instruments from other kits like djembe, darabuka, frame drum, ocean drum, finger and splash cymbals, bells, bamboo chimes, monsoon rainmaker and shaker sounds. Two tempos-synced music loops audio-morphing granulated oud with one of the pattern beats and a bass sequencer were additionally created for this kit.

1761 samples in total - 3.34 GB uncompressed - wav/stereo/48 Khz/24 Bit
all acoustic samples are phase-aligned, recorded in L-C-R, sometimes adding contact microphones attached directly to an instrument or using a dynamic mic for the backside of a drum like the two djembes and the darabuka in order to capture the low end better.

Pretty cool stuff. Sounds like the Metronomic Cinema expansion would be a great companion to this.

Very nice, Simon. Bought it - like it!

Thank you, Ed!

Very impressing sounds and tones!

Hello, I would like to use the sounds in different pitches for example Pitch 432.

Is there a way to adjust the pitch exactly?

Thanks and Regards, Robin

Wonderful Sounds!

I would like to use the sounds together with analog instruments in different pitches

  • a Shruti Box in pitch 432
  • a stone flute about Pitch 436
  • wooden flutes I have

Are the pitches under control, can I write a number there? Or how exact are the sounds tunable?

Thanks and regards

however I just purchased it today and upon downloading the license, it stops half way telling me that there is a error downloading the license, and I need to either restart my computer or contact support… any ever had this issue…
also install the VST did it give you the option to select the Full version or the Trial Version?
any info would help with this


Please update your eLicenser Center and try to download the license again.

If you have purchased the set, just select full version. When you select Trial Version, a 30 day trial license will be installed on your system.

As I already replied to you on youtube, each sample can be fine tuned within a pad (cent control) and there is an overall tuning control for each kit, so for all chromatic sounds which are referenced to 440 Hz and other samples with a clearly defined pitch, this makes sense.

Hello, I tried some sounds in Groove - Agent. Don’t have a pad but a a pitch control looking like a shift and i shoved it to 431.8

For my use at the moment thats good enough.

But - Now I’ll upgrade to Artist, maybe then its easier to have more Funktions / Help Funktions / Tutoriols, and maybe then I ll geht more knowledge and control about it.

Thanks a lot! Regards

Habe mir die Demos angehört und war begeistert von den Sounds.

Passen sehr gut zu einer geplanten Musik-Performance mit einem befreundeten Maler in einem Künstlerhaus in Lünen.

Habe mir Colliding Worlds heute heruntergeladen und installiert, auf mehreren Systemen, bzw. Festplatten unter Win 7 Prof./64bit. Leider ohne Erfolg. Die Einträge tauchen in GA4 auf, aber es werden keine Kits und keine Patterns geladen. Hoffe, dass das Problem bald zu lösen ist. Versuche es noch mal auf einem anderen Rechner unter Win7/32bit.

Wäre für Hilfe dankbar


OK! Hat sich erledigt mit dem Upgrade von GA4 auf 4.2


I just bought Colliding Worlds, Neuro Mindset and SOngwriter;s pack.
Unfortunately, after installing them I had to upgrade Groove Agent 4 to 4.2, and now the Metronomic Cinema and two other instrument sets are missing from the browser.
Any suggestion please?

Thank you

Great to see you here Simon, great library!

Having similar trouble - cant load any Colliding worlds stuff - I guess I need to upgrade to 4.2?

just purchased colliding worlds, love the sounds. Have not been able to access them in Groove Agent, only in Media Bay. Any help?
I just updated the Groove Agent to 4.2 and I’m happy again