Out now: Future Past Perfect VST Sound Instrument Set

We’re back with another expansion pack for Groove Agent 4 and Groove Agent SE 4. This time it’s all to do with offering you the perfect drum sounds and patterns that will put the house in your house music productions.

“Future Past Perfect intertwines the classic sounds of the past with sonic hints of the future, landing on the perfect blend for the present,” comments producer, DJ and composer Dean Coleman.

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Hasnt EDM already killed electronic music a million times?

dear matthias

i’m in trouble: yesterday i bought a new computer (acer predator g3). on the old one (an acer aspire) i had installed cubase 8.0.30 and 11 more steinberg products (halion 5, groove agent 4, triebwerk, dark planet, hypnotic dance, future past perfect, elekDrums, neuromind-set and more). they all are liscenced within the (old) e-liscenser.

my question is:

can i download the vst-instruments once more (like Cubase 8.0) or do i have to purchase the products once again for the new computer?

Wow. Can’t wait to try this!