Out now: HALion 6 and HALion Sonic 3

Hi all,

we are online! Thanks to all of you guys here in the forum for the great feedback and the positive and exciting atmosphere. We are really looking forward to what libraries, instruments, presets and crazy sound design creations you will come up with. It’s now in your hand!

Some notes:

  1. HALion Sonic SE 3 is not yet available. But we will release the free download version that will able be host your custom HALion libraries in [edited] March.

  2. There manual can be found at http://www.steinberg.help in German and English. Japanese and French will follow soon.

  3. There is a brand new online documentation available for the Macro Page Editor and the HALion Script at http://developer.steinberg.help

  4. We have tested HALion and HALion Sonic only on the last two operating systems of each platform. There are already some discussions about the missing W7 support in this forum. We will make up our mind in the next couple of days and we will then let you know if there will be an additional QA process for W7 or not.

  5. There will be a trial. But not before March.

  6. There will also be a final maintenance update for HALion 5. The release date will be announced soon.

  7. We have added a dedicated knowledge base article regarding the updates from HALion 4 or 5 to HALion 6 and HALion Sonic 1 or 2 to HALion Sonic 3. https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=262&t=112749

[edit] The release of HALion Sonic SE had to be postponed to March due to the Windows 7 quality assurance efforts.

[edit2] HALion Sonic SE and the HALion 6 trial are scheduled for the first week of April.

Glad to read (point 4.) that Win-7 support is being reconsidered.

It is ludicrous to sell current DAWs that do support Win-7 and then expect people to buy a current VST for use in those same DAWs that does not support it.

To be honest, I don’t get it.

Besides some fringe 90s software, there is no reason to still use Windows 7 - this requirement for compatibility with bronze age OS and hardware is one of things that often holds progress back.

(This is also why I’m so grateful that 32 bit support was dropped. No more developer and QA manpower wasted on legacy system support.)

What a letdown!! Please reconsider…
I have a perfectly stable system, and as excited as I am about H6, I’d rather skip it than be forced to upgrade to win 8 or 10.
Legacy? Should we also drop guitars , voices, and real instruments in the name of “progress”?


For the people who still use W7, get over it.
Its the same thing when W7 comes out and people don’t want to leave Win XP.
It’s 2017 and not 2009.

did you buy me please a new soundcard, ´cause mine has no Win8 nor Win10-driver
did you set up my whole system again, because I´ve not the time to rebuild a running system
have a nice day kimbo72

…or back in the day of the IBM PC/AT, when engineers at IBM had to introduce a horrible patch into the keyboard controller and mother board to disable the A20 address line, because people insisted on horribly written real mode software which used a “performance trick” (one for which every developer today would get fired, btw…) to access the keyboard buffer (address overflow actually)

…or back in the day of 80386, when we, in spite of having 32 bit addressing, still had to fight with conventional memory and upper memory blocks, because people insisted on MS-DOS software, instead of switching to a proper operating system

…or for more than a decade after the comprehensive introduction of 64 bit capable x86 CPUs, when software companies had to either cripple their software capabilities or support two executables per release, because people insisted on using outdated technology

This will never cease to amaze me. The past is the past, now is now. Windows 10 (especially now with the game mode, which sounds very interesting to us DAW users), 64 bit is the way to go. And I applaud each and every software company which leads the way forward by abandoning legacy platforms, be it 32 bits or everything before Windows 8.

We also don’t have CGA cards, parallel printer ports and RS232 ports anymore - and I guess we’re all quite happy about that.

(And yes, I built myself an 8 bit resistor based DAC for the parallel port once, when I was a kid. :laughing: )

Can Win7/8 still upgrade for free or have they missed their opportunity?
I have upgraded two laptops (one W7 and one W8). Both went very smoothly, drivers and all. I even replaced the hard drive and did a fresh install from the USB thumb drive “Windows media creation tool” and it was very easy.
Windows 10 is great. I’m not saying… I’m just saying…

Yes, it is! When I built this machine I had Windows 8.1 on it first, which was also quite good - but after upgrading to Windows 10 it was much better.

And my upgrade was free, too. Which was great fun. :slight_smile:

Why you would choose to not support Win7 when it has more users than Win8 and Win 10 combined is beyond me. I really hope that Steinberg reconsider this major business blunder. As others have said, everything that runs on Win8 runs on Win7 so this should not require much more in the resource department to support. Win7 64 bit will be supported by MS for at least 3 more years. I don’t understand why Steiney would not do the same. Huge user base and it is the most rock solid OS for professional music production that PC users have.

Oh come on…
We write music all the time and treat our PC and software as a musical instrument. We know we have to upgrade, but not when our existing instrument(s) are working perfectly. Yep 64bit was needed for the extra sample memory but W764 is totally capable (and stable) as a music production tool -and a lot of musicians are still using it. If H6 does not become W7 friendly, then I’m sorry to say that there are other alternatives that will look after musicians who don’t want to just jump on an upgrade of everything thing - 'cause they have musical work to do (rant over) :slight_smile:

for those with win 7 and thinking to buy halion …
see attachment. :smiley:

Everything works fine. It’s just that they made a BU-decision not to support win 7 (that’s the support center they are talking about) for any reason, and even the day from the release they see the reactions and they say they are looking in to it to maybe change that policy

That’s pretty nice imho.

Halion works fine on an a 6 year old x220 with an i5. It’s not heavier on cpu load neither it seems at first sight.
And this is something very nice.
Also the installer went perfectly, both on win 7 and win 10.
No problem at all for me at least.

kind regards,

I would like to add my support for Windows 7 being supported.

I appreciate some people feel that we should ALL throw away perfectly good systems to jump on the latest and greatest, but if a system is designed specifically and only as a DAW workstation, works without a crash, why should we spend considerable amounts of time installing a new O/S which is also bloated with extra apps/services that we don’t want, need or require and can cause unneccessary conflicts.

Some may reply that we therefore shouldn’t jump on the latest version of Halion, (probably not Steinberg’s ideal scenario!!!) but it does offer extra functionality that 5 doesn’t, so there seems some justification.

Jumping on Windows 10 offers very little for a standalone DAW. Disconnected from the internet etc., even the security argument is not so pertinent. :slight_smile:

So it’s not that it can’t be installed on Win 7, it’s just that Steinberg doesn’t want to cover support for it on Win 7 at the moment? It works like normal?

I have HalionSonic 2 and was considering getting 3 (well, actually I was considering Halion 6 until I saw what the upgrade price for that was…), but I run Win 7 x64. I’m not going to another OS until I get a new computer, and the one I have currently is working perfect for my needs still.

I even heard some people still use MIDI. It’s 2017 and not 1983.

I still use Windows 7 because my £4000+ audio interfaces do not support Windows 10, Windows 10 has issues with Firewire, so that would be £1000’s of Powercore broken, and if I update the OS, all the software and plug ins will need to be reinstalled, and some challenge/response codes are very likely to no longer work.
I have Windows 10 on one PC here, and it is absolutely horrid, hardly anything works with it properly, and I cannot see not a single thing that is better about Windows 10 - it doesn’t receive emails properly, the web browser is not compatible with many web sites, it is slower and it spends most of it’s time communicating what you are doing back to Microsoft, you cannot turn auto updates off, so if it decides it needs to do an update and reboot in the middle of your work - it will do it.
Windows 7 is perfect - a working studio will never change something that works - every other piece of(music) software works with Windows 7 including Cubase, Wavelab, Dorico etc…
Windows 7 was the preferred OS just over a years ago (because Windows 8 was accepted as bad), so a new PC just over a year ago was likely to be running Windows 7 - it is not an old OS

I completely agree with you, for similar reasons.

I know I will have to move on from W7 at some point in the future, but am not sure that W10 will be the way to go for the reasons you mention.

Hopefully not in 2 weeks or more.
If there is no QA process for W7, i will stay on HAL 5, and take a deeper look to other samplers.

I’ve expected that, but…thats not the point.

The point is: If there is a problem with HAL 6 on Win 7 64 Bit, then you have no support because Win 7 doesn’t fullfil the system requirements.
Any new update will just check on Win 8 and Win 10, there is no guarantee that it should work on Win 7.