Out now: Metronomic Cinema for Groove Agent 4

This is the second expansion pack for Groove Agent 4 and Groove Agent SE 4, bringing to you an elaborate set of sounds for transforming big screen images into sonic experiences.

Metronomic Cinema spans thirty production kits, hundreds of grooves and more than 750 samples, including percussion, FX and melodic sounds that cover everything from gentle to heavy.

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Would really like to know if and when you will release a jazz / blues expansion pack.


Did you people include extra Styles in this package or is this just a Beat-Agent expansion?
Would you please mention the amount of new styles in future “groove agent 4” expansions?

and Yes Please a Brush kit expansion with new Jazz and Blues Styles.


Can’t make it work on windows :confused:

Please help…


I’ve download the trial version of Metronomic Cinema. I have only Groove Agent SE4 (with Cubase 8.05).

I can’t use Metronomic Cinema, it make carsh of my Cubase !!!

I need Groove Agent 4 for running Metronomic Cinema ??? Groove Agent SE4 is not enought ?

Help …

I have bought Metronomic Cinema, it unpacks but will not install. I have Cubase 8 + latest updates installed.

I need to uninstall the trial version of Metronomic Cinema, it blocks my Groove Agent SE4 et Cubase 8.05 !

I use Cubase 8.05 and HSO (Windows 8.1, Intel I5, 6 Go)

You have any advice ?

Hi, It should be listed in Control Panel > Un-install programmes list

Thank you marnison …

I want to know why Metronomic Cinema crashes with my Cubase 8.05 (or my Groove Agent SE 4).
I never had a problem before and I want to test it before I purchase the license.

I’ve updated Cubase Artist 7.5.30 --> Cubase Pro 8 --> Cubase Pro 8.05

It could be the problem for runing Metronomic Cinema …

Matthias, what do you think about ?

Problem with loading Metronomic solved, Anti virus software prevented installation. Not a problem encountered with Steinberg software before. :smiley: