Out->Speakers w/ UR22 In-> MOXF6 - USB ?????

Basic question here, I searched but couldn’t find an answer.

I have both a Steinburg UR22 interface (my speakers are attached here), and a Yamaha MOXF6. I would like to setup MIDI in using the Yamaha USB-MIDI driver OUT to Steinberg UR22 interface.

The problem seems to be they both use the YAMAHA-Steinberg ASIO driver, but I can only select the UR22 or the MOXF at one time ----- not both, which I would need to do to let Cubase AI 7 allow me to setup both as in and out.

Am I missing something simple?

Yes - though it is easily confused.

There are TWO drivers involved - one for ASIO Audio and the other for MIDI.

The UR22 and MOXF can both be used for ASIO Audio, but only one can be used at a time as the AUDIO device. With the UR22 as the audio device you will need to plug the MOXF audio outs into the UR22 in order to get the sound into the UR22 and then Cubase.

For MIDI, you use the Yamaha MIDI driver and both the UR22 and MOXF6 midi ports will be available to you.

If you installed everything per the installers supplied with Cubase AI7, MOXF6 and UR22 then you will already have all the drivers and the only confusion is that ASIO audio can only be used with one device at a time and MIDI is separate.

This article…


…has lots of details and explanations on the advanced integration of Cubase and MOXF. It has a special note about using an external audio interface (in your case the UR22 as the ASIO device) and connecting the MOXF audio outputs to the UR22 audio inputs.

Have a go at it, ask questions on the forum here, it will all become clear!

Excellent! Perfect explanation. Thank you!