Outboard mic pre into inserts?

I guess it doesn’t work, but how come I can’t just go xlr out from my pre to 1/4 in to the insert of channel 1? Is there a way to make this work?

Is the pre really line level when the volume is all the way down?

really? no answers on the Steinberg site?

Actually, you can do either. I have run an external mic pre into the insert on Ch 1 and it worked fine. It did require an xlr>rts cable, but that was no problem to make. I also plugged the xlr out of the pre into the xlr input on Ch 1 and it worked fine as well, just needed to pad down the input. There was a difference in the sound as not using the insert runs the sound through Steinberg’s preamp stage, but I actually liked the sound better that way.

So, I figured out how to do it…If you come out of the pre you just plug the 1/4" jack one click into the insert…

This is described in the manual. You have to connect unbalanced signal to the ring and ground. The tip is the output from the internal preamp. As far as I remember the input impedance of the insert jack is 10kOhms.

BTW the quality of the internal preamp is amazing. I compared it to a Trident A-range preamp through the insert jack and cannot hear a difference.

Here are the samples:

The drums are not tracked simultaneously, because I had only one trident preamp. Mics used are:
Snare - Shure SM-57
Toms - Sennheiser MD421
Kick - AKG D112

They are good pres…I hear better bottom end and smoother top on my Helios Type 69, but I wouldn’t be scared to use these pres at all…

Is there a way to wire it so that I can use my outboard mic pres hard wired into the inserts of 1 & 2 (bypassing the MR816 pres). And when I’m not using my outboard mic pres, still be able to use the MR816s 1&2 inputs on the front (for quick demo stuff)?

Sure, you just have to unplug the inserts (I guess that’s not hard wired though)

so, do I have to disconnect at the insert point? Or would it work if I have the inserts hard wired to my patchbay, and just disconnected the patch cables, and plugged in my guitar into the front input 1?

If you have a patchbay that connects the in/out automatically when no jack is plunged in then, yes. If not, then you’ll either have to unplug the insert or plug a cable from the in to the out of your patchbay.

Thanks. Made the inputs of my patch bay “normalled” and it seems to work.

Great! Just make sure you don’t have too long a run because the send/return is unbalanced.

I’m coming out of my GML2020 via into the insert with a cable as described above.
I’m having to really gain down the out of the GML or even with fairly rigorous compression I’m triggering red lights on the channel.
I’m assuming that it’s sort of a +4 to -10 thing? Or mic to line level?

Try engaging the MR Pad even when using the insert