Outboard routing - Is Dry/Wet recording possible?

Hello everyone!

I recently acquired a UR44C.
I wish to use it to send Stereo instruments in, process them within my DAW (Ableton Live), then send the processed signal out to external FX before returning through two other inputs.
I can do this in two steps (record into the DAW first, then apply the FX to the recording), so I don’t mind the latency in this context.

I was just wondering if there was an easy way to route this? I am starting to understand how Mix 1 and 2 work (no more feedback, yay!) but it is difficult for me to understand how that works with the DAW input/output.

Currently, I can hear my instruments (input 1 & 2) returning from the effect (output 2L & 2R), then returning (input 5 & 6). But, my DAW is excluded from that loop, as if bypassed.
My goal would be to record a Dry signal (DI) first, then play this recording through outboard effects that I can re-record wet.

Would it work if I switched the send and return ports I use (instrument in through Line 5 & 6, FX return through 1 & 2) ? Is it just that the DAW is glued to Mix 1? Can this be done without feedback? Can this be done without changing preset in dspMixFx everytime I record a new take?

Any help is appreciated while I try to get used to the routing options available to me :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance, and have a nice day!


  • I use a patch bay to send different instruments to the input, when I need to change instruments. I chose inputs 1 & 2 for the instrument IN because one of them is an electric guitar, and I was afraid Line IN 5 & 6 would not be suitable for its signal.
  • Input 3 currently does nothing, while Input 4 has my XLR SM58 plugged in. I don’t consider them as part of the equation so my mic stays there and avoids going through the patchbay, but if input 3 & 4 are part of the solution, I’ll take it!