outlining of pedal lines?

Is there a way to keep the pedal lines on the same vertical height in a system? Here is how they look in my score:

Unfortunately not… https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=246&t=119450&p=648554&hilit=pedal+align#p648554

While there probably should be a way to force this to happen in Dorico, it is not standard. In this case, it would cause the second and third pedal marks too far from the staff. Usually the pedal marks track the lowest notes with leveling of neighboring or corresponding marks (as could be done for your first, fourth and fifth) where possible. If this is how Dorico places them by default, they appear a little too close to the notes for my taste and the rule governing them is not sophisticated enough to know where it should place the pedal marks at the same height. Incidentally, I would also recommend the pure bracket notation that one sees in Henle etc, as being less cluttered and more exact in showing the start of each pedal depression.

There are 6 ‘start-of-line’ sustain pedal options available, one of which is pure bracket notation

You mean the one that is called “Hook”?

And, of course, you can also determine the default distance of the pedal line from the staff and from items that protrude from the staff on the Pedal Lines page of Engraving Options.

Yes, I have seen that, lots of control over the pedals, which really great. But they only affect the relation to the staff, not align them within a system. I lined them up in Engrave mode which works fine. Thanks, Daniel.