Output a track to another track after inserts

Not sure how I am going to write this down to make sense, but I’ll try.
Is it possible to route a track/group to an output, BUT have that track come AFTER inserts on that output track?
hope that make sense.

Output channel>inserts>out
the other channel comes in after inserts but before the output.


Could you try to describe your use case, please?

In Cubase Pro, you can use any Output bus as an Input Bus of an Audio track. So, for example:

  • Audio 01 Out Group 1
  • Group 1 Out: No bus
  • Audio 02 In: Group 1.

This way, you can record (to the Audio 02) the audio signal from the Audio 01 track, with all Insert effects applied, and also with all Inserts on the Group 1 Channel.

But, isn’t it better to use Render in Place?

It isn’t for recording.
I have an output channel with inserts on, this goes out to a summing device
So I am looking for a solution to have another track going to this output, but skip the inserts, If I do not want the insert to effect the other track

and yes, I know I can get this with sub groups and not having insert on that output channel. just wondering if it’s possible for simplicity and workflow

ok, to clarify things, let’s name the output track with the inserts “bus 1”.
Then we have a track let’s say “track 1”.

So you want to send “track 1” to “bus 1” but want it after its inserts.
In that case, you will only be able to control the volume and the panning for both.

So you can add one more output, let’s name it “bus 2”.
Then you can route the output of “bus 1” and “track 1” to “bus 2”.
This way you can control the volume, panning, and have “track 1” summed with “bus 1” after its inserts.
Plus you can use “bus2” sends for both, add more inserts if you like, etc.

Will this work for you?


The “bus” doesn’t need to be an Output Channel. It could also be a Group Channel, if it helps.

Yeah, I know how I can do, as you said above.
I just need one more group track to make it work, so no big deal really
was just curious if there was a solution without adding more stuff and route something to a output channel after inserts, I can’t think of any tho.

but thanks!

ok, I get it now.
The only way I can think of is if you add another insert, after the ones you already have, that adds no color or so and feed it from the output of the channel you want to route there.
I would use “gainmatch” plugin from letimix for this, to see if it works.
The -pre plugin- would go last on my track’s inserts , the -post plugin- would go last on my output’s inserts, the “monitor” button engaged on -post plugin- and if there is any level change I would use the knobs to match.

I can’t think of a simple way solution without adding more. It would be cool tho.

For sure! they (Steinberg) could add a list of tracks/groups when selecting an insert (like you do with a plugin)

but the plugin thing you mentioned above could be a solution.

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I would use this because I already have it
but if there is that you get one you can also check the inject from audiomovers which does exactly that, judging from the description

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I’ve found a free one: senderella

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