Output Arcade seems to be

a very difficult program to use in Cp11. It works fine in Fl. Studio and even Cakewalk. Not sure why I’m unable to record Arcade in CP11. Since Arcade is cloud based, I’d appreciate any assistance from the knowledge base.

i5 6 core, m.2 ssd, 16 Ram, Geforce GTX 1060 graphics card.
Specs shouldn’t be an issue



You haven’t said what the exact issue is. You can’t record it ? Just render the midi in place

Thanks for the suggestion.

I thought the issue was clear: “I’m unable to record Arcade in CP11.” Seems clear and straight forward to me.



Do you mean to record MIDI data to the tracks or to get the audio signal from the Audio Return of the Instrument track back?


I got the issue sorted out thanks. I went from Cubase 6.5 to 11 recently. I don’t work in midi that often. In Fl. Studio Arcade is recorded as audio. That’s what I was looking for

Thanks for your help everyone


I think I just replied to you. But yes. I got it sorted out.



Could you share the solution if some other user would search for it, please?

Hi, already did